Thursday, May 16, 2013

I'm so sorry :c

Hey Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Sorry for not posting for the past couple of days, I had a fever on Thursday and now I have a cold. I really really really bad cold. Literally half of my class has colds right now! —.— I must find out who gave us all colds!!! 


For Thursday news, the summer carnival is finally back! :D 

I already went, and I am so much worse at all the games now.... anyways, although all the games are the same, there are a few new items in stock:

Super cool! I wish the Pet Carnival house was a den for jammers...

the balloons are so cute! I'm so glad at least one of these items are non member!

And the ice cream shop. Mmmm—mmmm—mm delish! Can't wait to get one of those! 

Because of this ocasion, being a member with all the animals but elephant and rhino, I got a rhino. I used to have them all but then I sorta got bored of them. They are great animals and all though, and I may buy an elephant again too.

Yay, the Water Park den is back! Sadly enough, it doesn't really make a difference for me...

Lol, 200 den items that you can put in your den at the same time? As long as this is for all jammers, I'm all in for it! But seriously, although I did need that, couldn't they have given like more clothing space or den space? Inventory space? 

I think AJ got confused when I suggested den space, clothing space, and inventory space... 

they probably thought by den space and inventory space I meant to put den items in at the same time.

I meant that jammers could own more dens or be able to store more den items. :c

I have no den space, inventory space, or clothing space. Grrr... x3

Ooh, photo contest winners!

10 minutes later...

Man, I looked at each and every one. Dx There were like 200! Some were really good. Most. A few were even worse than mine... sometimes I wonder if I have a different taste from most people or AJ just randomly chooses!

Also, I found a new glitch! Maybe not knew, but this jammer (they moved away before I was able to take a picture of how they really looked and my computer was glitching) has an interesting profile! 


Hey, wouldn't it be awesome if we could make our own profiles? Like we could talk about our hobbies so jammers would really you know, know if they want to buddy us not just for the rares?

Like on those other virtual sites...

And last for Thursday, Long Shot has twice the amount of gems are usual for two weeks, and two weeks only!

Now, onto Friday's update:

Cool, keyboard is in stores!

Well, looks like I wasn't the first person... :c Snowyclaw already got a photo from another jammer. Oh well, I mean Snowyclaw finds everything first. x3 Always good to know, who cares who found it first! xD

For 350 gems, the Head Flower is in stores! Hmm... it may be only me hallucinating but I think there is a members flower bracelet?

And for the last news for friday, the Jam Session music is in stores!

Also, I did a test for how to get the glitch....

And, it seems one of the stores has not yet come out from the Summer Carnival!

Don't see it?

Right here. The freedom store! :P

And last,


Yeah you know what nevermind there's too much to post xD i have no time right now, let me just skip the past few days' news.. XD

And to Silvertail, thank you for your last post. It's very true and I myself realize I am much of a hypocrite in one of those aspects. No reason to get upset about someone else, if they are treating you badly just ignore them and go on with your life! c:

I'm a really bad writer... —.- that sounded awful. DX

See you in Jamaa! <3

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