Saturday, June 30, 2012


Hey jammers! This post has no pictures but oh well! XP I have nothing to write but... my blog has 1000 views now!! :) I'm having a big party at my den this Monday, June 4th, 2012!! It most likely won't be about the 1000 views but if you read this, it's what the party really means!! Join the party tomorrow at around 5:00!!  (/(='.'=)\) It will probably be a trading party but it will be mostly just chatting!! Hope you can be there jammers!! :P

200 Clothing and My Fave Den (out of my acc.)

Hey jammers! Sorry that I hadn't posted this before.. I found this out yesterday. o.o (kind of late) but member jammers can now have 200 clothes! I guess AJHQ listened when I told them they should let us have more clothing space not just den item space! Sorry that this post has no pictures I was thinking of taking a picture of the thing that says ?/200 at the changing colors and changing clothes place but I decided not too. o.o 

Now to my favorite den out of all my accounts!! I have had it like this for a long time... since about December! It was first designed for my dogs and puppies and foxes! Now only one of them are still my friends because the rest deleted me. Her user is shegirl and she doesn't go on so often. She used to be a member. She is a great friend and comforted me into not quitting after my only rare at that time (my black worn) got scammed! She was always there for me and I was actually thinking of putting her as my buddy of the year. She will most likely be the next buddy of the month!! She never had many rares but it doesn't matter about rares it only matters about personality. Here is a picture of her:

I sometimes miss the times when we were together. I wish at that time I knew how to take pictures so I would have many memories of her and me. I haven't seen her for a few months and I really hope she didn't quit. 

And back on topic... 

so to my favorite part on.... which one of my accounts...?!

JAMMIE264 which was actually made by a friend of mine I know in real life! Her user on AJ is emaohn. At that time, my main account, jammie263 did not have free chat it had bubble chat. So I am very thankful to her too! 

Sorry if it's a bit blurry. 

Difference Between Silver Glove and White Gloves!

Hey jammers! I took some pictures to show you the difference between a silver glove and white gloves!

This is what the white gloves look like on my wolf! If you see which one I'm wearing at the left you will see it says "Gloves".

This is what the silver gloves look like on the same wolf!! If you look to the left you will see "Silver Glove" which is what I am wearing!

This is not a glitch they are actually two different things! There is actually one difference between the gloves on the clothes lists and trade lists. Here are them close up:

These are the original gloves. The small dots before each finger place is dark grey. And the strip at the very left is light grey.

This is the new silver glove. The small dots before each finger are light grey and the strip at the very left is dark grey! I am the first person to figure this out I think so please give me credit if you want to post this! Picture credits were also by me. 

Barbeque glitch!

What you need to do the Barbeque Glitch

1. A penguin
2. You have to be a Penguins Only Party

First you go to the freezing place at the top of the Penguins Only Party!

First you go to the freezing place at the top of the Penguins Only Party!

Then you go down the slide to the right.

You will land in the water.

Then go to wear there is a lot of snow and sleep. I'm not sure if you have to, but I did it and it worked. Lovelost said to sit down and for her it worked too. 

Last, go to your den and you will look a bit barbecued slightly! This was discovered by XxUnstoppablexX which she calls the Barbeque glitch!

Picture Credits by: Jammie263

Please give XxUnstoppablexX credit for finding it out and if you take pictures of my pictures please give me credit too! Thanks! :)

I found out another way to turn blackish also! 

First go to the freezing area at the top of the Penguins Only Party.

Then go down the left slide.

You will land where the snow is piled up.

Then go to the water.

And then go back to the place where the snow is piled up and sit.

And you will also be barbecued! :) If you already found this out, nobody ever told me. o.o

And... for some strange reason, when you are barbecued, if you go to the water at the Penguins Only Party, you don't clear up unlike the mud on you when you go in the mud, the ice on you when you go into the freezing area, and the lava that makes you red. When you have those on you and go into the water you are cleared up! 


but interesting! :P

Free Animal (not when you first start)

Hello jammers! 

Today, I am going to teach you how to get a free animal, not when you first start:

1. Have a member account, preferably not your main account.

Credit goes to: Leafonforever

This was first discovered by Leafeonforever and their blog is

Gloves and Pet Igloo

Hey jammers! Gloves have come back!! I wonder why they keep on selling them... and at the trading party if you try a ton you can get one too. o.o I guess since before they were so rare AJ is making them barely rare at all now? =3 Anyways, they are the silver gloves and you can't get any other color even if you are a member. They cost 2,000 gems unlike the original gloves that costed 2,500 gems.

There is also a new pet igloo at the Penguins Only Party! Wow, I would think it would be at least 1000 gems! It's very detailed and you can see the clothes line with clothes hanging from it! xD

Friday, June 29, 2012

Aviator Helmet and Jellyfish Lantern

Hey jammers! Sorry about being late... I took the picture in the morning but I never got around to posting it! A new Aviator helmet is at Jam Mart Clothing and a new Jellyfish lantern at Sunken Treasures!

The Aviator helmet costs 350 gems and the Jellyfish lantern costs 450! You have to have an ocean den to buy the Jellyfish lantern by the way... and both are members only. Basically all den items underwater are for members only because non members can't buy an underwater den! xP 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fireworks Fountain

Hey jammers! Now Firework Fountains are on sale! Just for 350 gems! If you click it it will have fireworks come out even before you buy it! =P They are for members and non members. It's close to July so most likely more freedom items will come out!

You can get them on the first page of Jam Mart Furniture Shop!

New Home Page

Hey jammers! If you go to Animal Jam's hiome page, it may look the same. But keep on loading again until you see this:

Now there are 2 giraffes, a lion, an elephant, and a rhino! They seem to be at Appondale. And what is in the background? Mountains? But it doesn't really look like Mt. Shiveer! It could be a new land!! :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

An Ilovejammie263 user?

Hey jammers! Thanks to catsrock, somebody is now called IloveJammie263!! :) (catsrock made a user called that) She even made her the same design as mine!

 This is catsrock!

And this is Ilovejammie263... a.k.a catsrock.

And me! I'm just showing this so you can see my design.. and I did this on one of my other accounts.

New Message from AJHQ!

Octopus Chair and Moon Balloon!

Hey jammers! There are two new items today! The first one is at Kani Cove! It is.. an octopus chair!!

The next item is at the Carnival for 14,000 tickets. It is members only. 

Lovelost predicted there would be a Lightning Balloon and I had predicted there would be a Star Balloon too! That's it for now so..

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Buddy of the Week - Crazycomebacksoon

Hey jammers! He's awesome, he's nice, he's funny, and he's the buddy of the week.... he's Crazycomebacksoon!

Crazycomebacksoon is known as a scammer but I don't see the proof. He could be one but he's very kind and funny. Thanks crazycomebacksoon!!

Ice Dresser

Hey jammers! There is a new ice dresser at the Penguins Only Party!

They look really similar to the Clawdeen's Dresser but with snowballs, a miniture igloo, a ice cube, and the whole dresser thing that should be wood is ice. It is members only and costs 500 gems. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Freedom Cape and Price Change

Hey jammers! The Rare Monday Item is freedom capes! 

They cost 700 gems. 

If you went to Lovelost's Animal Jam Flash you will see some items have price changes such as freedom bands and pigtails. 

Freedom masks can be sold for the same amount they were to buy. If only all items not just rare monday items were like that! :P

Click here to go the Lovelost's blog since hers is way better than mine... but remember to join the site, comment, enter polls, and tell others about my blog!! :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Star Rug

Hey jammers! There is a new item at Jam Mart Furniture Shop! It is a star rug! It would go great with the star couch! It's non member and costs 350 gems. It comes in 10 colors!

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