Monday, June 4, 2012

The copier and My Party!

Hey jammers! So... I hosted the party I told ya guys to go to!! It was very close to the time I said it would be around (5:00 PM) but it wasn't as big as I had hoped. Frequently, when I host parties, they are so big that nobody can get in including me! xD This one wasn't enormous but still pretty big. But first, I'm going to show you some pictures of this person that kept copying me. 

So first, I say this:

I forgot to take a picture... but they said:


Then I changed the words to this:                                 And she instantly changed hers to this:

Then I tell her if she can please stop. She says.... I NOT!! Okay, so you guys might be thinking.... Ummm... she didn't copy you exactly. But seriously, it was quite obvious she was copying me and she started AFTER I started advertising which might mean she didn't want people going to my den...? 

So now let's get to the pictures!! I only felt like taking 2... but oh well! It shall do. :P

This was when rarer people where there. Afterwards, they left and there were more people advertising about trading stuff like a spike collar for blue top and headdress. And stuff like say i if you like me. Ugh AJ is for kids and where you should learn... not date. >:(  And people complaining and saying I want fox hat WAH!!!!!! So yeah... not so good. 

Anyways, if you could be at the party that is nice and I hope you enjoyed it! I only visited my den a few times and never told people that I was mostly having a party to celebrate in having 1000 views on this blog because then nobody would come. xD PEACE OUT and JAM ON AJ JAMMERS!!


  1. She knows she is copying you but she doesn't want to admit it since she thinks she is so smart :P

    1. I thought I was more of a you know, stupid person. But I will take smart. I will.

  2. yeah i agree i mean my sis has played this when she waz 5 and to many ppl make aj a bad site. its like you cant hang out on there w/ friends anymore!


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