Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pufferfish Helmet, Wacky Wednesdays, Animal picures, and Guides

Hey jammers! So.. like I predicted, more pufferfish items came out!! This one is a pufferfish helmet! :P Also, I was thinking about guides. It seems that there hasn't been sightings of them lately. Have AJ decided to not have them roaming around AJ? :( And... there used to be Wacky Wednesdays a while ago. That was when well, wacky things happened. I wanted them to have those again and I told them by email. All they said was about how they would really like to help me by doing that but my sister recommended this other thing.. and it was exactly the same words but with a different title and a few different things. Seems that AJHQ really doesn't care. I just really hope that's not true. Also, I got some pictures of some guides I saw before! I didn't take pictures when they were there but I got them from the internet. Here they are.

The description about Animal Jam Guides are always the same and their badges get to have AJ with a line under it! Lucky! =3

This is the same guide saying hello. It seems that Liza when you make a new account's words are pink. But guides and shamans at other place's words are green. 

This is another guide! His name is Mister Glamcat. I didn't exactly meet him so I don't know if his wings are orange tipped of pink tipped. 

And Prince Glamrose!  He is wearing a solid black top. That's one of my dream items. Of course I wouldn't trade my blue top for it.. that would be s2pid. ^_^ Did you notice that all guides I've seen are.. boys??

Here are some animal pictures of animals that are also on Animal Jam!

Aren't they so adorable? ^_^ Not the giraffe really.. well kind of. It depends how you look at it. Or the mountain lion either but it is a pretty good photo. So what do you think? =3


  1. they are ALL very very cute!!! I think the panda picture is very cool in an artistic way! but you missed out on posting the bestest animal of all on AJ.......A TIGGER!!!!! XD

    1. lol i wanted too but sadly i didnt find any pictures tht were rl not cartoony 0.0

  2. Hey do you know their usernames? Or all they all Animal Jam Guides?
    - Eightberry2


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