Thursday, June 7, 2012

All Updates!

Hey jammers! Woah there are a lot of updates!! The member animal that is now for non members to is the penguin!! The summer carnival is finally here!! There's a new hummingbird pet, a new contest, and a ton more!!

Summer Carnival is HERE!!

If you click Submit Your Ideas...

300 inventory space and penguins will soonb e for non members too!! 

All items look super weird now but they look the same when you wear them!! 

Adoption Week is here! 

New Humming Bird Castle in the Pet Shop!!

You get 500 free tickets when you go to the summer carnival!! 

Summer Carnival is always there for this whole summer!! Not like the other parties! 

You can get cotton candy!! Choose a cone!

Then you choose a flavor.

Then you take the cone and move it around this to get... 

Different types of cotton candy!! This is just an example of one kind!

Play a game!! 

I forgot this one's name but here's the instructions!

I failed and only got 6 tickets on my first type! xD

Play another game!

I forgot it's name too and there were no instructions but you have to get this phantom ball into these holes and you get certain points! I failed in this one too.

Some den items you can get by getting a lot of tickets!

Some clothing items you can get buy having a lot of tickets!!


This is what clothes look like now when you have them in your inventory or you are going to buy them!! 

These are all my clothes but it looks like that in the stores too!

AjHQ made all the items tilted and look demented. 0.0

I demand a refund!! xP

AHHH!!! These clothes are freaking me out. 

I feel as if they all have changed except the heart balloon... maybe it has too.

Well at least the sword still looks the same and the headphones don't look that bad.... the bow and arrow is too. 

AHHH!!! They look like demented, smaller looks of the older clothes.

SOS!!!! What do you guys think of  this?? The clothes creep me out but the other new stuff are pretty rockin' cool! JAM ON AJ JAMMERS!!


  1. kewl blog !-luna07263

    1. Thanks luna07263! :) And thanks for commenting, lol. :P

  2. Don't you agree?? The items look creepy now!! Especially the gloves and cuffs.... and the jamaaliday bows and reindeer masks... fox hats and wreaths... leis, leafs, scary bat hats, mech angel wings and mech angel helmets, and the beta blankets, skulls helmets... basically EVERYTHING that they changed!!


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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