Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hi Jammers! Jammie263 here!

I haven't posted in what, 6 or 7 days? So sorry about that guys... no I wasn't on a vacation or anything. Let's just carry on with all the news I missed. They aren't exactly in order...

I really think they are adorable with their stout little leggy things. xD


A rare cowboy hat! Loving those colors! 

A football hoop thing.. whatever it's called. As you can see I'm not too good when it comes to football... xD 

Witch hats are back in stores!

I wonder what "JFL" stands for..? What do you think? I believe it means "Jammer's Football League" or something along those lines. Or maybe "Jamaa's Football League"? Ideas?

Edit: Wow... I just read Snowyclaw's post about that.. I feel like such a copy even though I didn't even look at hers before I came up with that. Dx

The Rare Top Hat! Sorry if I miss a lot of other items... I'm not too great at remember which ones I haven't posted. :(

Lol, the minnows together create the shape of minnows! I love those type of confusing things... :)

The Fire Pot is back! Always an item I loved... I've been interested in fire ever since I was a child. xP

Hmm... looks.. funny?

Wow, that sure is a lot of items! Animal Jam has been making so many new items although most are just old ones returning. I seriously can't keep up. I'm thinking about having a kind of form like thing for jammers to fill out if they'd like to post the daily news here and then I will send them an email and when they accept they will become a moderator! c: Like that idea? Here is the form if anyone's interested:

Are you an experienced blogger and jammer on Animal Jam?:
Do you promise to post every day or at least usually?:
Do you own a blog, and if so what is it called (please give link)?:
Will you make sure you never use bad words or be a bad influence?:

If you enter, I want to see some thought. Thought = Time. Time = You really want to post on this blog. (:

And last but not least, I give full credit to Geckoguy for figuring this out:

This used to be the most hacked account on Animal Jam. It's username was password; and it's password was password. AJHQ deleted this account when they realized it was being hacked, and no one can create an account with this username anymore.

Any Alpha
You cannot create an account with any Alpha's name to prevent tricking Jammers that a player is an Alpha.

Any Guide
In 2010 and 2011, AJHQ employees roamed the streets of Jamaa as Guides. Their usernames were something like "GuideRabbit". A username cannot be created if it has the word "guide" in it.

Before late 2012, Alphas were called "Shamans". You cannot create an account with the word "shaman" in it.

You cannot create an account with the name "AJHQ" to prevent tricking jammers that you work for Animal Jam.

Very cool, right? xP

Well, hopefully I've covered that! xD

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sorry again.. mind me going hyper again? : T

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

So sorry again.... —.— Anyway, here are all the updates:

The rare knited hat was last week's rare item! Sorry for being so late... :c Anyway, it was 750 gems and members only.

The Hatapalooza is a new tradition that hopefully Animal Jam will keep. :) I definitely like the idea.

The next item is the Rare Jester Hat. Hmm... two rare items in one day? Weird... :T Anyway, it's 350 gems and members only. Or is this only a random rare item like some other ones AJ keeps making/adding?

The next item is the Elephant Shoji Screen is a returning item. It's 150 gems and non member. 

Another new update is about rare hat days and Hatapalooza. This kind of reminds me of Crazy Hat day in my school. :P

The rare fancy top hat is from yesterday I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong. Wow... very expensive, 900 gems? I thought these used to be at that special claw for the trading party.


Anyway... the golden blanket is 2,000 gems at Epic Wonders. Why are there so many golden items? The Rare Phantom Hat is 300 gems and members only. I believe it's a returning item? Definitely a favorite although I still like the black ones better.  >.< You? Comment below!

It was Martin Luther King Junior Day yesterday! My class just learned more about slavery. He's an amazing person. Everyone should honor this day in memory of him. He helped give african americans more rights.

Hopefully I covered all of it. See you in Jamaa!

(Currently not using computer with signature on. uou)


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Problems with AJ

SilverTail here!
I'm really sorry that I keep on posting depressing and bad news about AJ, but really, I can't find any good things about them. 
The first thing that is bad about it is that first of all, it makes you get to distracted from your education. And the education is the most important part of your life. Without it you wouldn't get a better life and you won't get your dream job/ a job. So far, I've learned that a lot of bloggers had got really bad grades when they're really so intelligent, the reason why they got this was because of AJ. 

Second is the inappropriate content. It's just wrong people, and I'm not being mean to madjaster of Warriors, but murder? Okay, I admit, I was in a clan, ThunderClan, and I did see some violence. But still. I wouldn't do that. And I learned from Breathless, that from the clans these users who "murdered" these other jammers (virtually) have also learned how to physically bully other kids in person. How bad is that?

Third is the scamming. I hate this part the most. There has been so many scammers these days, all of them, greedy for those rares that are really PIXELS. Right now, I just found out that 3/4 of the jammers in Jamaa are scammers while only 1/4 jammers are normal. That is at least only 25% of the normals, while there are 75% of the hackers/scammers/blackmailers/snobs/mean ones/imposers. It is horrible, you just have to admit.

And those are most likely the top 3 problems with AJ. Please don't post rude comments about how this should have not been admitted. 
Jam On Jammers ;)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Let's go crazy! xD

Hey Jammers! Jammie263 here!

I haven't posted in a while and I've totally forgotten about what items came out on what days. So, let's go crazy!! xD

Here we go with random new updates I've noticed:

Rare Snow Shoes! 900 gems. c:



All the new updates. c: Not going to say much just that there's certainly been a lot going on since I was gone. xP

Ahh... great job Magical Fierypaw! C:


The Hot Shop huh? The shop is in three places. Wow, different items in each? Awesome!


Wow..... I'm amazed. I really thought top hats would never come out again. xD The only really rare item that came out was them. Although I have the blue one, I really don't care anymore. Take that all those stupid scammers!! >:D Top Hats don't matter anymore! You did all those horrible things to only be turned down by this awesome store that's selling me. c:

Now I can finally get my dream red top hat. <3 And no one's going to stop me. Thank you Animal Jam! Now could you please have everything come out like this? ^_^ So that Animal Jam can go back to it's original place where rares don't worry?

 Tablet? Lol, it looks funny. I think it's doing it for me since I wanted to get an iPad for christmas... now I can get a virtual one!! <3

That wallpaper has become quite rare, huh? Guess it's worth only 400 gems now though!

The Gems x2 Game is Twister!! c:

That's it but if I missed something please tell me. :P See you in Jamaa with tons of tops! And me with a red one! C:

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Snow Cannon, Sled, and Ice Block

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Sorry for not posting for three days! 

First off, here are the past new daily items:

The snow cannon is 450 gems and is members only. A returning item I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong. :P

The Sled is 300 gems and is also members only. I definitely love this item. I just got an idea, they should make a game that involves sledding! Like going down a hill and dodging obstacles. No? Is that copying some game I know on Animal Jam already..? xD

For today's daily item is the Ice Block! It is 150 gems and is members only. I've seen many users use this for many interesting structures that are quite unique. A very creative one I noticed was making an igloo! Animal Jam should totally create a new den called the Igloo! :P 

Now, onto a new video posted that snowyclaw noticed:

This may be a bit confusing to some people because it's more for parents but this was actually quite interesting to me. There were some interesting ways to get parents to think Animal Jam is a great educated site for kids. The title may seem a bit odd but I highly recommend listening to this if you have a wide vocabulary. C:

See you in Jamaa!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Buddy of the Year - 2013 - Shegirl

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Yes, I'm finally posting the buddy of the year. 

As you can see in the title, the buddy of the 2013 is shegirl!

A lovely friend of mine; I've known shegirl for quite a long time. I remember when a friend of mine in real life made an account for me because my parents wouldn't let me get free chat. She got free chat for me, and I used the user jammie264. Knight Shylily is generous, caring, and most definitely understanding. 

I remember that ordinary day about a year ago. I had just came home from school, rushing to go on the computer to play animal jam. As I wandered the streets of Jamaa Township, a grey and white wolf bounded up to me. 

"Hey! Can I be your pet?" It was a random occurrence that I had no idea how to respond to. She simply stood there, tilting her head sideways. 

"Pet..?" I asked questionably for I had no idea what she meant. I'd never heard such a thing as "pets", only animals. I tried to be polite, not wanting to hurt any one's feelings.

"Like I can be your dog! But of course you have to be a wolf..." She said awkwardly. I was about to say no thank you until I looked into her puppy dog eyes. She looked sad and depressed, and I could bare that. 

"Okay. I'll buy a wolf." From then on out, she was my dog. She had a pink necklace which was meant to be a collar, and all day we played Frisbee. Sometimes, I pretended to be a dog instead of her owner, and we'd chase squirrels. I was living the life, not caring about rares or what others thought. 

Then, one day everything messed up. Someone offered me a black worn for my green clover blanket. I eagerly accepted, gaping at the beautiful worn blanket. She smiled and said congrats with a grin on her face.

Everything was okay— I guess. But the day that went terribly wrong was when I realized I wanted a glove. Yes, any color would do. But then, gloves were worth around 4 worns. I knew I'd never be able to get one. Still, my greediness got me. One day, a user came up to me and asked if I wanted to trade my worn for his glove. I was amazed by my luck, eagerly wanting to accept.

The user to me to go to his den. I followed. Once I got to his den, I asked if we could trade. He said yes, and my heart began beating like crazy. Then he sighed saying that the trade system for him wouldn't work. I was very surprised and hesitant because I had a feeling it was all a trick. I still wanted a glove so much, I agreed to his idea of asking for the worn (in return for a worthless item) then gifting me the glove. 

I didn't know what to do, but still my eyes gleamed with greediness. After canceling many times, I finally agreed. I accepted and he scampered off. I was heart broken. I sweared I'd never go online to the "stupid virtual game" again. I left, tears streaming down my face. 

A few weeks later, I decided to go online to see if I could track down the scammer. I couldn't find him, so instead I went to find shegirl. She happened to be online. I greeted her sadly, and she asked what was wrong. I lay on the ground, explaining every detail to her. Her eyes were full of worry. She didn't want me to quit AJ, and after a while finally convinced me to stay.

She means so much to me. She's a great friend and dog. She's one of the few people who are on Animal Jam who were the reason why I suffered on quitting or not. Along with many of you guys out there. </3

I'd just like to say that you guys mean the world to me. I'm so lucky to have such great friends like you. People may say it's just virtual friendship, but I feel like I know you guys in real life. I have a little feeling that we will some day come across each other. <3 Thank you.

Frozen Bush

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

This item is being sold at Jam Mart Furniture for 200 gems, correct me if I'm wrong. It's members only. ^-^ Just wondering, why do they call it a frozen bush? It should be called a bush in the winter or something. Technically this bush isn't frozen... anyways!

I'll try to post the buddy of the year today, although I may do it tomorrow. Sorry for the delay guys!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Buddy of the Month - December - rsetiawan

Hey Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Like I said in the last post, I'm finally posting the buddy of the month! The buddy of the year will be coming soon, probably tomorrow or possibly today.

This month is rsetiawan! He's an old buddy of mine— one of the oldest. I first met him when he shared an account with his sister although he later made a new account just for himself which is what he has now. Rsetiawan and I had tried to start a clan once called Clover Clan, which if you'd like to know— ultimately failed. It was quite nice though, even though there were only about four members.

I remember trading my clover blanket for a worn blanket once, and I felt quite bad about it. xD Luckily, I do believe I got another one after that although I kept the worn blanket. Then... I got scammed out of my worn blanket. Moving on!

Rsetiawan is understanding, kind, generous, and just an amazing buddy. He doesn't come on often anymore, but neither do I. He reminds me of the old days when I was still addicted to animal jam. <3 Thank you so much for being such a great friend rsetiawan!

To anyone who's upset that they were not made the buddy of the month, remember that there are 12 months in a year! You always have a chance, and even if you are never made one I still cherish all of my buddies and everyone in Jamaa. :)

See you in Jamaa!

Hat and Curly Wig + Phantom in Ice

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Yesterday's daily item was the Hat and Curly wig sold at the New Year's Party.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm noticing random items coming out at the New Year's party. Many items are coming earlier than they did the years before, which is kind of confusing me. How about you?

The Hat and Curly Wig is 300 gems and is for all members. (:

Today's daily item is the Phantom in Ice item! This was from last year too, or should I say last last year. I keep on forgetting it's already January 2013. xD Sorry I still haven't posted the buddy of the month a year... I'm always delaying. I'll try, I promise.

See you in Jamaa!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Upside Down Plant and Rare Knitted Hat

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Didn't post yesterday, but here was yesterday's daily item:

123 gems! I find it so funny how the april fools day items have a weird number of gems to buy them. Did that make sense? Anyway...

For today, the rare monday item is the Rare Knitted Hat! It is 750 gems, and members only. c: The colors look pretty good, agree? 

Short post, I know. :P See you in Jamaa!

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