Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sorry again.. mind me going hyper again? : T

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

So sorry again.... —.— Anyway, here are all the updates:

The rare knited hat was last week's rare item! Sorry for being so late... :c Anyway, it was 750 gems and members only.

The Hatapalooza is a new tradition that hopefully Animal Jam will keep. :) I definitely like the idea.

The next item is the Rare Jester Hat. Hmm... two rare items in one day? Weird... :T Anyway, it's 350 gems and members only. Or is this only a random rare item like some other ones AJ keeps making/adding?

The next item is the Elephant Shoji Screen is a returning item. It's 150 gems and non member. 

Another new update is about rare hat days and Hatapalooza. This kind of reminds me of Crazy Hat day in my school. :P

The rare fancy top hat is from yesterday I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong. Wow... very expensive, 900 gems? I thought these used to be at that special claw for the trading party.


Anyway... the golden blanket is 2,000 gems at Epic Wonders. Why are there so many golden items? The Rare Phantom Hat is 300 gems and members only. I believe it's a returning item? Definitely a favorite although I still like the black ones better.  >.< You? Comment below!

It was Martin Luther King Junior Day yesterday! My class just learned more about slavery. He's an amazing person. Everyone should honor this day in memory of him. He helped give african americans more rights.

Hopefully I covered all of it. See you in Jamaa!

(Currently not using computer with signature on. uou)



  1. I do adore the black ones, but last year IK had a white and red non member bunny, and I wanted a little rare phantom hat like that for it :3

  2. HI! HELLO! I am Red, no one probably knows me.. unless you read funplay's life blog. I like the black one :P. Can you see if you can buddy me or if we can meet in pixel (cheesy joke :P As in instead of person) together? I know, my account is kinda new, only because of funplay's job-ish thing. She gives people who are being hacked that she knows her other accounts with good items! She really helped me! I was morely being randomly sworn at and reported a lot, so yeah.. :P Bai!


  3. So many golden things :l


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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