Thursday, January 10, 2013

Buddy of the Year - 2013 - Shegirl

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Yes, I'm finally posting the buddy of the year. 

As you can see in the title, the buddy of the 2013 is shegirl!

A lovely friend of mine; I've known shegirl for quite a long time. I remember when a friend of mine in real life made an account for me because my parents wouldn't let me get free chat. She got free chat for me, and I used the user jammie264. Knight Shylily is generous, caring, and most definitely understanding. 

I remember that ordinary day about a year ago. I had just came home from school, rushing to go on the computer to play animal jam. As I wandered the streets of Jamaa Township, a grey and white wolf bounded up to me. 

"Hey! Can I be your pet?" It was a random occurrence that I had no idea how to respond to. She simply stood there, tilting her head sideways. 

"Pet..?" I asked questionably for I had no idea what she meant. I'd never heard such a thing as "pets", only animals. I tried to be polite, not wanting to hurt any one's feelings.

"Like I can be your dog! But of course you have to be a wolf..." She said awkwardly. I was about to say no thank you until I looked into her puppy dog eyes. She looked sad and depressed, and I could bare that. 

"Okay. I'll buy a wolf." From then on out, she was my dog. She had a pink necklace which was meant to be a collar, and all day we played Frisbee. Sometimes, I pretended to be a dog instead of her owner, and we'd chase squirrels. I was living the life, not caring about rares or what others thought. 

Then, one day everything messed up. Someone offered me a black worn for my green clover blanket. I eagerly accepted, gaping at the beautiful worn blanket. She smiled and said congrats with a grin on her face.

Everything was okay— I guess. But the day that went terribly wrong was when I realized I wanted a glove. Yes, any color would do. But then, gloves were worth around 4 worns. I knew I'd never be able to get one. Still, my greediness got me. One day, a user came up to me and asked if I wanted to trade my worn for his glove. I was amazed by my luck, eagerly wanting to accept.

The user to me to go to his den. I followed. Once I got to his den, I asked if we could trade. He said yes, and my heart began beating like crazy. Then he sighed saying that the trade system for him wouldn't work. I was very surprised and hesitant because I had a feeling it was all a trick. I still wanted a glove so much, I agreed to his idea of asking for the worn (in return for a worthless item) then gifting me the glove. 

I didn't know what to do, but still my eyes gleamed with greediness. After canceling many times, I finally agreed. I accepted and he scampered off. I was heart broken. I sweared I'd never go online to the "stupid virtual game" again. I left, tears streaming down my face. 

A few weeks later, I decided to go online to see if I could track down the scammer. I couldn't find him, so instead I went to find shegirl. She happened to be online. I greeted her sadly, and she asked what was wrong. I lay on the ground, explaining every detail to her. Her eyes were full of worry. She didn't want me to quit AJ, and after a while finally convinced me to stay.

She means so much to me. She's a great friend and dog. She's one of the few people who are on Animal Jam who were the reason why I suffered on quitting or not. Along with many of you guys out there. </3

I'd just like to say that you guys mean the world to me. I'm so lucky to have such great friends like you. People may say it's just virtual friendship, but I feel like I know you guys in real life. I have a little feeling that we will some day come across each other. <3 Thank you.


  1. RE your comment about virtual friendships vs real. I agree, I think about you and my other virtual friends, I pray for any of you when things are bad and I rejoice with any of you when things are good. Virtual or not, that makes us friends!



Please be kind to one another. :)

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