Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Giraffe Topiary!

Hey jammers! There's a new Giraffe Topiary in the Animal Museum in Appondale!! If you're reading this XxFreeSpiritxX, I never knew the Animal Museum used to be called the Conservation Museum.... 0.0 But I do agree with XxFreeSpiritxX, Animal Jam HQ has been a bit behind on things, like she said the Snow Fort came in February (almost Spring), the Spring items did come a bit late.... and about the Summer Festival, I really don't want to wait!!!  Anyways, the Giraffe Topiary costs 400 gems and like the Giraffe, it's members only! JAM ON AJ JAMMERS!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bunnies Only Party - new items and things i found out

}{ai jammers!! :D I noticed some new things and some things that I just never noticed but was already there at the Bunnies Only Party!! 

First, there's a new Bunny Rug. It has 8 colors and I took a picture of each one.

These are in order from when you click it and look through the colors. They are 350 gems and are members only. Hey, which is your favorite? I'd like to know!! Comment and tell me!! :)

Also, when I was doing the Bunnies Only Party Glitch, I decided to take a few pictures! Here they are:

Lol. Sorry that was random...

Lol, I'm a bit to pig for the claw now!! Hey... I've never seen a bunny plushie with so many things on! XD

I noticed there's a statue of Peck the Rabbit Shaman above the Music Shop for the Bunnies Only Party!

Yes, you are probably thinking... huh?! It's obvious isn't it? It's a rabbit hole!! But... is AJ going to put something here? I mean... it's so empty... I just feel like there should be something here out counting the rabbit! Anyways, that's all I got.. so JAM ON AJ JAMMERS!! 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Where'd they go?

Hmmm... what happened to the rest of the animal exhibits?! I guess AJHQ decided since monkeys were endangered... they would only show those? :( Aww... I liked the other ones!! Well, that's most of the news I have for you today so, SIGNING OUT!! 


My Achievements - 111th Post!

Hello jammers! So I was thinking... maybe people wanted to know how many achievements I had? Well I have to prove it not just tell you... so I took a picture! :P Take a look:

Yes... I know I don't have a lot... 0.0 Oh well! 

Buddy of the week - Soul25

Hey jammers! The buddy of the week is Soul25! Soul25 is kind, funny, and doesn't care so much about rares but more about friends! I also had an interview with her!

Click this link to go to "My Interviews" and see my interview with Soul25:

Thanks for being such an outstanding friend Soul25! :)

Rare Monday item!

Hey jammers! Sorry about the late post.. I became a member on Moshi Monsters so I don't blog or go on Animal Jam that often! Anyways, here's the Rare Flower Bracelet! Doesn't look that epic to me. Well, it's 750 gems and it's members only (like the non-rare one) and you can find it at the second page at Jam Mart Clothing! It's leaving tomorrow so get one soon!! Well... that's it so... bye-bye!! 

Jam on Animal Jam Jammers!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Giraffe Plushies!

Hey jammers! I noticed Giraffe Plushies seem to be at The Claw!! Take a look at some plushies I saw on aapen1's trade list.

Sorry, these aren't all of them but I didn't see any other yet to post! Once I do, I'll be sure to show you them all! 

Bunnies Only Party Drum Lights Up!

  Hey jammers! Guess what...?!

This is what the drum looks like before. Look at the purple part of the drum. Now look at the next picture.(you have to have enough people hopping to make this work) 

See the purple part? It seems to have lit up!! Interesting huh? 

New Giraffe Shaman and Royal Capes!!

Hello jammers! It seems that at Temple of Zios's store, there is a giraffe shaman! Since there were no giraffe shamans before, this is just called the Giraffe Shaman. 

Also, the royal capes are in Jam Mart Clothing! I don't get why they would come out now... I mean it's almost SUMMER! Yesterday, I was literally melting in the sun... I would never buy this in real life at this time of year! Hmm... I wonder why they didn't get these to come out in the Winter. Oh well, here they are. There are 8 colors. (the first is the original one)

Well, goodbye jammers! 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Clearance Items!

Hello jammers! Sorry to be slow on the news, though I already knew this but never had the time to take pictures, here are all the items on clearance:

Clothes at Jamaa Clothing Store...

And at Bahari Bargains...

And all the den items at Jamaa Furniture Store...

And the den items 50% off...

Haha this is from Lovelost's Blog I have more gems than that! Happy jamming! :)

Coral Canyons Journey Book

Having problems finding things? Well, here's some clues! I'm not going to tell you where they are, but I have some pictures so you can try to figure out by their backgrounds! 

Here's the Tarantula:

Here's the Coyote:

Here's the Dandelions:

Here's the Scorpion:

Here's the Gila Monster:

Here's the Honeybees:

Here's the Rattle Snake:

Here's the Saguaro Cactus:

Here's the Groundhog (I don't see the eyes! XD)

Here's the Peregrine Falcon:

Here's the Cardinal:

Here's the gift you get when you finish!! 

I hope this helped!! :) I feel that telling where it is too is just too easy and makes the prize not worth much anymore! Anyways, good luck hunting!!

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