Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Art Mistake!

Hiya jammers! Take a look at this picture:

It looks normal right? Well take a look at the tree on the left of the most right giraffe! Right where the middle of it's neck is, on the closest to it, there's a tree, right? Well look at the bottom of the tree! It has no trunk! XD Also, a few days ago there was a note Animal Jam HQ gave everybody! I was on but accidently exited out before taking a picture! :( Anyways, JAM ON AJ JAMMERS!! 

Haha aj stands for animal jammers


  1. Maybe its a low flying green cloud?? ew! bet it stinks!!

    1. Lol, I'm certain it's not... XD

    2. Hey thanks for checking my blog out and becoming a member of it! :D

    3. you're welcome! your blog rox!!

    4. Thanks!! Did you enter my polls? If you didn't it would be nice if you did! I used to have different polls that had more enters but this glitch happened and they got deleted! :(


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