Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beta Pictures!!

Th crystal sands didn't have the water slides (I was there when they didn't) The game sign looks different and Overflow was in a different place ( I was there when it was like that). Sarepia forest was called Sarepia!! The wolf has a green top hat!!

The wolf looks way different and there is a tree branch in the middle for no reason! xD

The main difference for gem ball is the x and when the animals sleep, their eyes are open!! xD Their dens were totally different also!

Notice the differences such as the name tags, the guides have blue paws, they have different items, and a lot more!!


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    1. Its super duper cool!!!!! My blog is animalsofanimaljam.blogspot.com please comment and check often!

  2. I remember those days, I came on animal jam september 12th 2010. ---frosty731---


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