Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flat Rock!

The NEW flat rock!

It's a rock, wow... no wait, it's a FLAT rock! Wow AJ, which animal is this for? Who had the idea of this or was it AJHQ's idea? Anyways, I find it quite funny that Animal Jam HQ decided to bring a new item to AJ and it was a rock! I'm definitely NOT buying this of 350 gems!
I wonder who would... well that's most of the news! There's also a new Beach Party item! It's not exactly new... since this happened a while ago I'm just a bit slow in news. Also, thanks to Jammer194056, I learned how to do the beach party glitch! I just hope it doesn't disappear! Once the Cruise Ship Party starts, I'll take picture to show you guys who don't know how, to do the Cruise Ship Party Glitch!!

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