Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What I used to Look Like

This is what I used to look like! :) If you want to know what all my animals look like, once the pesky phantoms go away I'll go on AJ and take some pics and post 'em on my blog! :D


  1. Right now that's my profile picture but I don't have a blue leaf or solid black top now I have a striped blue top. :P And I got a worn and beta blanket. (light green)

    1. w ow you have so many rarez XD wat color worn? yah you should definately show your animals and what they look like now :P

    2. Lol thanks and I have a cream colored worn. Yeah, I showed two of my most common used animals. :D

    3. You're a rare maniac lol
      Sorry I have impolite manners sometimes


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