Saturday, March 30, 2013

10 MIllion Jammers and more!

Hi Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Let's check out the new updates! ;)

The message you get after collecting all the eggs.

And this, is the awesome prize!! :D

Wow, I can't believe AJ already has 10 million jammers playing!! The code for the 10,000,000 jammer banner is "10Million".

Can't wait for April!

Joke contest you say?

Doubles gems for EVERY game, this is awesome!

I already have a koala. I can't believe there's going to finally be a mew 

A new calender...!

The baseball cleats are 400 gems and members only at Jam Mart Clothing.

The Baseball cap was 450 gems and members only.

The Surfboard 450 gems too and at Jam Mart Furniture.

Well, that's it. See you in Jamaa!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just a Quick Post...

Hey Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Just a quick and late post, here are all the items I missed:

Rare Lion Hat was the rare item for monday! 950 gems, members only, a Jam Mart Clothing. ^-^

The Skull Necklace at Bahari Bargains for 500 gems, also members only.

And last but not least the surfboard which is at Sunken Treasures for 300 gems and members only [so many of these the past few days!] Looks like a shark bit part of it off though... I wonder if it's still any good, even under water! x3

Well, see you in Jamaa!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Items

Hey Jammers! Jammie263 here! ;)

Guess what?

Another old item! Yay... *says sarcastically* Well, this isn't so bad looking, 'eh? 250 gems, members only, at Bahari Bargains.

There's a Crochet Set now!

I actually don't play the game and never have, but I know a lot of people who are big fans of Crochet. Even better, it's for all players to own. For only 400 gems, you could own the entire Crochet set!

I believe this was always for sale before. You know what saddens me? AJ is making so many furniture items [I like that!] but not many new clothing items! [sigh] I mean, most that come out are not exactly new. 

Looks like Crochet isn't the only one! There's Baseball gear too, which is 100 gems more expensive and members only. Personally, I stand against the fact they are obviously favoring Baseball and believe that it's worth more and should be for members only. Your opinion?

Anyhow, I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be some new sets of sport gear coming out soon! Soccer, baseball, hockey, there are endless possibilities! Hey, do you think they will get a ice skating rink to come out? I love figure skating, and that would be great for hockey too! :)

I'm still hoping for another world like they did by making an underwater world. Like, sky world or something. Obviously it's not happening anytime soon though, do you think we should start suggestion to AJ about it? [I already have but they probably never took notice to it]

Well, that's it so see you in Jamaa! ^-^

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Porthole and more

Hi Jammers! Jammie263 here!

I haven't posted in a while so let me catch up to you guys...

Credit to Snowyclaw on this one...

You see that badge up in the left hand side? Weird, right? It looks like a seal or tiger... what's your opinion? Does this indicate something?

My personal thoughts:

The seal/tiger/etc. may explain what animal it goes on. I know that currently this goes on all underwater creatures, but maybe not for long?

Another one of my theories is that the seal represents that this item will later be able to be worn on both land and water although there is the penguin too... 

not so sure about that one. x3 Your theories? ;)

A raccoon News Crew Assignment! Can't wait to see the winning entry!

The Clover Necklace in Bahari Bargains, members only and 300 gems. 

The Clover Trident is 500 gems, members only, and also at Bahari Bargains. :D

Credit to Snowyclaw, these are some lion glitches. You see that bow,. it's purple and really weird looking with a black box near the edges.

The second one, the steampunk goggles really aren't working out for that King of the Jungle! Black squares around 'em.

The Salon Chair! Someone could buy a lot of these and make a barber shop! :P

And for today's new item, the Porthole! Not exactly new though... hey I never noticed these leave stores...? xD I guess I just don't pay much attention to clearance items.

See you in Jamaa!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quick Update

Hey Jammers! Jammie263 here!

A really short post today although it's the Thursday update... it seems there aren't that many new news...?

Moving on, here is the journal:

Happy Lucky Day everyone! ;) Also known as St. Patricks day.

The Ol' Barn is back! ^-^

Go green! c:

Just a reminder to keep on donating gems to the Conservation museum!

And last but not least, new videos at Brady Barr's lab!

Ooh, and there are new BFF toys! I tried to get 'em... didn't succeed. x3

New Clover Earmuffs! Look great but not that amazing on animals personally. I just wish I had these for real... meh my ears are always freezing.

March Calendar is up!

Like I mentioned earlier, the Ol' Farm is back for 5,000 gems!

Hmm... it seems the February Birthstone is back. Glitch??

See you in Jamaa!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

NON MEMBER Big Raccoon Plushie? :O

Hi Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Lol, sorry about not posting, I just kept feeling lazier and lazier as time passed. "Ugh, now I have more to post. x3" Like some of us think for homework, 'eh? [not me though... :/]

Anyways, I'm just going to throw everything I missed at you guys, so you'd better watch out!

Clover Blankets are back! ;)

Ooh, so excited! If they are going to be keeping fun glitches, they'd better get that skyway glitch to start working again! >:I No, they can't do that? Aw.. man!

The Anchor Baseball hat, a new rare monday item that's— what do you say? Oh, oops, it's already gone! Anyways, credit to Snowyclaw for this picture. It's 950 gems, and non member if you'd like to know. ^-^

Can't you believe this!? It's a NON MEMBER Big Raccoon Plushie! I thought non member animals had non member big ____ plushies and member animals had member big ____ plushies! What do you think AJ will do next, make Raccoons non member? :D

Credit to Snowyclaw who found this out from Wando20, look at this amazing user! There's an "_" which in Snowyclaw's theory, which I believe is probably true, AJ moderators make accounts that use things like that that we can't type in and search!

What's your theory?

Also, another birthstone is out! I'm not quite sure if I already posted this one... oh well. x3

See you in Jamaa!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Hi Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Here are the items I missed...

Yesterday's new item, 250 gems the Clover patch! Thing... members only at Sunken Treasures.

And for today's new items, the Clover Patch [again? maybe I got the earlier one wrong. :/] and the Clover table!

Both are in the Lucky Day Party!

Also, I know I haven't been posting about these at all but...

The Seasonal tree has grown bigger buds! I should really get myself one of these, these pictures do not belong to me by the way. x3

Been there, done that? Didn't?

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Ever scammed? No? Hacked? No? Well, if you are saying yes or thinking it right now, I'm not going to scream at you like crazy. 

However, I will give you a long lecture. :) Ahh... yes. My parents always give me long lectures about, well, EVERYTHING. I'm always thinking, "why can't you be like a regular parent who spanks their child on the butt and sends them to their room?" Anyways, here I go, boring you out. ^3^

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right.

Right? 100% pure hatred doesn't give you a single excuse for scamming anyone unless they are the most horrible person in the entire world who's like a murderer or something. 

Moving on. It seems you are mistaken so many times... *sigh* that only happened a couple of times to me except they were small and weren't passed on. Like, "Jammie263, how'd you get your striped blue top hat? Did you scam it? Hack it?" and others. Seriously, I earned 'em from pure trading for months and having friends who helped me. 

Okay, now I'm just wandering off topic. What I'm trying to say is, they are VIRTUAL rares. No, if anyone's asking I'm NOT giving away my rares although I've already "half" quit. Because I care their rare? I guess you could say so, but really it's because they give me pleasant memories. Even though tops came out for a while, I still love my original one most simply because I worked hard to get it, and not just by playing games and buying one. 

I have this pink heart locket which is currently my oldest item which a friend gifted me when I first started. [I wasn't a member, at that time non members could accept gifts.] I wouldn't trade that pink locket for anything, not even the rarest thing on AJ. Memories. I hold on to them because you can't simply buy them. They remind me of the days when I went on AJ 24/7 and was obsessed with it, as you probably have guessed. Do I regret ever starting to play computer games? Maybe, maybe. But not completely I guess.

There's no point in spending so much time on trading, and I'm being serious. VIRTUAL. PIXELS. Even in real life it's not okay to scam, it's a crime. 



You know what... never mind. x3 See you in Jamaa!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

So much news! - 30,000 Views!

Hey Jammers! Jammie263 here!

For yesterday's news...

Sorry it's so small, but here's a quick tour of the Lucky Party!

The Lucky Music is back! Was always a favorite of mine. xD

And a new item... the Rare Star Glasses! I feel like these have already been out before, but I may be wrong.

Snowyclaw caught this note from AJHQ on Everloop! There's a new code now...

AJHQ3000 I believe!

It gets your 500 gems [they should give you 3000... x3] and can only be used ONCE.

For today's news, the Clover Patch is back from last year! 300 gems, still members only.

Snowyclaw and some other jammers found a new glitch! A regular raccoon with a non member necklace sits...

... and bam! It's a member necklace! Cool, huh? I wonder when AJHQ will fix it although I must admit it's kind of cool. xD [You know, since there are like no more glitches on animals anymore...]

See you in Jamaa!

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