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Hey jammers! If you are wondering, I'm not quitting! I just decided to collect pictures of good memories with my buddies and other random people! I might quit once I'm in high school. Anyways.. I just started collecting a few days ago so there aren't many old ones. :( Luckily, I had some old pictures I took so there will be some. 

Me with the same people but less random people... only one person who I don't know who is what so ever. They are the one wearing the black worn and black glove with solid black colors. (they are a wolf) This is in Uniquelog's den.

Me and bunnyman in Uniquelog's den. She owns an super duper awesome blog!! Click the link below to go to it:

Puppylove98, copeland, and me pretending to be gummy bears!! I was a viking gummy bear, Puppylove was a unicorn gummy bear, and copeland was a tiny gummy bear! Lol.

Me and copeland hopping!!

Puppylove98, copeland, and me being pink bunnies.

This is uniquelog others, and me at one of my friend's dens... 0_0 I forgot.

Paoal1223 and me as half twins. Not completely. :P

Me and Sheesh4. I'm smiling and Sheesh4 has her dog on the right of her that has a special feature with dog treats. You can't really see it because they weren't showing at the time but she said she was the first to find out about the special features and people such as Lovelost got all the credit. ^_^

Me and my friends in one of their dens.

Me as a fatty penguin!! :| With crazycomebacksoon and alexia! (I'm in the middle and crazycomebacksoon's on the left and alexia is on the right)

Littlepigeon and me as twins! I'm on the top. =3

Littlepigeon and me twins and I'm on the top again. :P

Us again.. with me on the top! Haha.

Again, Littlepigeon who is the buddy of the year with her friend (on the right with the elf hat and wreath) and me!! (again I get to be on top)

Me and zoey as twins! I don't remember who was on the top...

us as twins again and I think I was on the top.

Us as twins again, and I think we I was on top of her.

Us again.. me on top!! Hehe.

This time she's on top. 0.0 You can see my name tag underneath. 

Us again with me on top. You can see zoey underneath me a bit.

Cubanboy and me as twins with even similar names and the same color tag and badge!

Me and crazycomebacksoon dancing! Hehe I'm sleep dancing.

When I finally did the glitch this is sasho, crazycomebacksoon, and me dancing playing on the roof. (except sasho is dancing..)

Thebeatles0042 and me sleeping in chocolate. :) I love chocolate!

Paola1223 and I being twins!

This is me and snoopy1234567 (she's the left) at the Summer Carnival.

LaughingPancake234 and I dancing and us smiling!

I finally see my good friend Shegirl again! :)

I'm at her den on one of my accounts, jammie264!

Livelovepuppy (on left), Jammie263 (me in middle), and AnimalGirl58943 as twins smiling.

Livelovepuppy (on left), Jammie263 (me in middle), AnimalGirl58943, and wolfen1 in back!

Wolftown56, (I think), her buddy, and me dancing as tigers! SMILE! :)

Me as one of the Simba Cats! I even got to meet Trickertreee for the first time! (although he ignored me :P) And I made a new buddy, Chorus2010! (the non member ones were Trickertree's storage accounts)

TheSafari07 and me dancing! Look see she won the News Crew Assignment for the Turtles subject! Good job TheSafari07! You are an extremely talented writer!

This is TheSafari07 and me again, cool face! 8)

I finally get to meet FuzzyPantstheAwesome, and apparently we were craving for ice cream.. I got a waffle! Thank you Fuzzy! (>^ .^)>#<(^. ^<)

We got bored and decided to have a flash mob! :P

I finally lived! This is actually my first time doing a flash mob! XD It was going well at the start.

But then it ended up only being Papad, Fuzzy, and me. :P

Those are the memories I've got so far! =) Although my sister as my sister always says: "Quality over quantity" so I decided to delete a few.. just a few that were a bit similar to the ones I already had. So you will be seeing some disappear, while more come in the fill the spot! :)


  1. would our pics be on good memories or funny pics? and how do you take a screenshot? and btw IGNORE MY BROTHER! hes nuts now *.*

    P.S. sorry about him.


    1. Yay, thanks for the first comment! Nobody checks out my memories page.. :C but i like to keep it because it makes me happy.

      It would go on good memories page i just updated this BEFORE i got pictures.

      Hm... you gave me a good idea. i'm going to make a post about how to take a screenshot! :D thanks for the idea! :P you'll get your answer soon!


    2. awesome.

      P.S. idk why i sayd tht im bored today >:P


  2. do you know exatly when our pictures will be on here? I just love checking out these pics :3

    ^-^ funplay1

  3. Cool! I might make a Memory Page...

    1. XD look at rainbowdash! XD sorry i love that picture!

      ^-^ funplay1

    2. Lol. XD So do I.

      It shows me

      Rainbow Dash: "Oh yeah, I'm cool! Oh yeah, I'm so cool!"


    3. rainbow dash: "Boo yeah PinkyPie! I can fly! So you and your pinkyness leave my cool presents!"

      ^-^ funplay1 P.S. you took the mustache! :{D

  4. XD on the last pic i see papad :D shes awesome at writing!

    ^-^ funplay1

  5. @ Funplay1

    Yup! She is an awesome writer. ^^

    "So you and your pinkyness leave my cool presents?" I didn't get that sentence, but LOL to the rest of that.


  6. this is a good memory page :D
    People should comment on this more why u no comment on this people :/

  7. I like CANNOOBBIIIEEEE SSSSSCCCCRRRREEEAAAMMMFFFEEESSSTTT!!!!!!lol over exited. EQINOX opend just yesterday!!

    ^-^ funplay1 the happy old Brooke i really am!

  8. Hey jammie its Me crazycomebacksoon :) i just want to tell you That's Aweeeesome pics!!!
    i Really Miss you , in fact i quitted for a long time almost 1 year and when i just try to see myself and see your blog i remeber everything and i couldnt stay out there without my friends hehe i Love That jammmmiiee c: <3

  9. Hi guys this is copeland I just got on aj for the first time in about 8 months sorry i havnt been on for a while i've been busy its great to be back on btw im a nonmem and getting my memship back soon!


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