Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Corn Stalk and Translations

Hi Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Sorry for the super late post... x3 Anyhow, the new item is the cornstalk!

It's 350 gems and members only, as you can obviously see. x3 

I'm really glad many followers are starting to comment again, I really really truly appreciate it. <3 Your support means so much to me so even if I do not reply to your comment(s), don't worry because I have seen them and I will keep them in my heart. ^-^

Next, the Epic Den of the week! Congratulations Lucky TheFox! c:

Last, Snowyclaw did a cool translation on her blog, so I just thought I could you show you guys it:

Cool right?! So yeah, that's it for today, I can't wait to see you in Jamaa! <3

Monday, April 29, 2013

Animal Jam SnapShot Contest

Hi Jammers! Jammie263 here!

You know how there's that SnapShot contest? Well, I sorta just kinda got a ton so yea... I have to delete them from my computer 'cause it's getting slow so I'm just going to post my favorite ones [entered in the contest... were we aloud to do multiple? x3]:

Thank you Blogger! xD

You guys should totally enter for the contest though, I can't wait to see them!!! C:

So yea, see you in Jamaa!

Animal Jam it is! ;)

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Yes, Jammers. I'm changing my blog back to an Animal Jam blog! ^_^

Yup, that's right! I know not many were happy about me changing it anyways and I think I actually like Animal Jam more than Chicken Smoothie.

Although, I think I'm not going to be doing buddy of the months and years thing anymore. All of my buddies are amazing and I really don't think it's right to only single one out. c:

For the first news...

Just a little note from me.... <3


The rare monday item for today is the fox hat! Quite expensive sadly, 1,250 gems but still a nice item to buy!

For some other great news, my snake earned a new effect! First effect I've ever gotten, I'm really excited! :D I wonder if I can get multiple for each pet or only one for each...

And... another picture to remember! ^3^ It's (left to right) Nikki, me, and then Metro! ;P

Well, that's it so see you in Jamaa!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

For Tiggerkat!


So I was really bored and I randomly drew Tigger, here it is and 

Signing off!

(might look blurry)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chicken Smoothie News! — 4/23/13

Hi CSians! Feeling the Love here! ;)

First off, I'm auctioning a set of the April store pets here:

Please bid, it would be greatly appreciated. ;)

Anyway, also, there are new free items that will be gone in 7 days so get them soon!

And last, I know a lot of you were upset about me changing the topic of this blog. I'm really sorry and although I know this probably will mean losing a lot of amazing viewers out there, I really have no interest in AJ now. [to tell you the truth, nor do I have that much in CS but it's still a lot more]. I'm think maybe I'll at some point start changing it to book reviews or something like that, but for now it stays. 

If there are any other suggestions, comment below, it would mean so much to me! Thank you so much for your infinite support, and remember that you guys mean the world to me. <3 You are the reason I feel I have a point to live. <3 <3 <3 Thank you. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Extremely Rare Pet Hoards - Watch in amazement

Hello CSians! Feeling the Love here!

So, I was strolling along and I noticed A TON of these hoards for huge rarity pets. Yes, I have seen these before but seriously, I started to think just now...

Some people have these high rarity pets, and many of them while others— most, are there scrambling to try to just get one throughout their entire CS experience.

If it really makes one happy to hog them all, then okay I guess that is okay. But really, maybe you could try trading down just one of them to someone who wants one with their life?

Totally unbiased here, it's not like I'm desperate for a Sunjewel, UR Tiger, Joker, etc.. Okay, fine I am. x3

Huge Joker Hoards:

Huge Angel Advent Hoards:

Huge UR Tiger Hoards:

Huge 2008 UR Cat Hoards:

Huge Noncoon Hoards:

I'll probably add more later. xD

Anyway, if anyone out there is a hoarder, I too hoard, don't worry. xD And I'm a hypocrite so if I actually had the rares to be able to hoard amazing pets like those and actually get multiple, I maybe would have hoarded them too. :P

This is just for entertainment to see all these huge groups of amazing pets. <3 Found another high rarity large pet hoard? Comment below and send me the link! ;)

See you in the Forums!

[signature is on laggy computer —.—]

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

UR Cucumber - Drawing

Hey CSians! Feeling the Love here!

I made this UR Cucumber drawing on Chicken Smoothie a while ago. I just wanted to see everyone's response to it:

It's not really good and I know it but I still hope you guys don't hate it. x3 

Anyway, did you notice my changes? I'm progressing much faster than I thought I would! xD

Also, don't forget to enter in my new polls, see you on the Forums!

[on a different computer so I don't have my signature]

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Link Change - Help needed!

Hey CSians! Feeling the Love here!

I'm really unsure to whether I should change this blog's link too. I know I want to but I feel like some people who have not yet seen this post may be confused and unable to find this blog every again!

What do you think is the best way to solve this and make sure everyone knows about this switch?

Comment below, it will be greatly appreciated, thanks! C:

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

New Topics! Read on for more - Spread this, please!

Hi everyone! Yes, I didn't say jammers. Why? I'm hoping to get some other viewers other than jammers. Again, why would I want that? Well, I want to see others' taste about anything. I'm going to be changing my entire topic completely for this blog.

Jammie263 is no longer going to be my name for that was my Animal Jam name. No, you're not going to be using my in person name. You can now use my Chicken Smoothie name, Feeling the Love.

My profile:

Check it out for me, okay? c: [Gifts are loved. x3 I usually gift back.]

That's right! This blog will be changed to Chicken Smoothie ______. I'm unsure to what the rest should be, any ideas? Or I could do Feeling the Love's Chicken Smoothie _____. News? How about... Howl? 

Enter in my new poll to tell me your ideas, okay? If you don't think any of the ones I suggested are what you like best and you picked "Other", comment below this post and may even add it to the poll if a lot of people agree. [if you do, reply to the post saying "yes", "that sounds great", etc.)

Anyhow, I'm also thinking of a new font. Ideas? There's a poll for that too. I'm going to be deleting (or at least turning into drafts so you can see them) pages that have to do with Animal Jam. I'll still have my Mistletoe story up, don't worry about that. c: I might even make more stories!

Ooh, and.... 

How about you guys comment below this new page I've made called "Sharing stories!" where you can post a short story of yours! I may even put it up for everyone to see! ;)

Chicken Smoothie is my favorite online virtual world right now and I really want others to join. So, here's the website for any newbies to CS [Chicken Smoothie]:

If a lot of people ask for a tour, I may even post that! 

Although I won't be changing this theme [maybe... possibly... but only after a long time] but I want to put a poll asking people what they think about the change. And my new way of greeting you guys will be...

CSians! ^-^

I'm not going to be deleting any of the older posts. I think they help me remember the days I was addicted to Animal Jam. c: You?

The theme background will be changed including the title. This may take a couple of weeks to completely switch over but I'm already pumped!

See you on the Forums! [if you don't know what this is, tell me, this will be included in the tour]

First Step: New Signature!:

Sisters! [reminds me of Secret of the Wings Tinkerbell x3] Two of my most prized pets, Green Sorbet and Winged Wood Angel

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

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