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Hey jammers!! Jammie263 here...

with some Animal Jam Blogs!

Looking for where some animal jam blogs are? You came to the right place! :D I know many blogs about Animal Jam! Here are a few: 

Ace97 Animal Jam Rockz!!! (Ace97's)

Amy's Animal Jam News! (Amyblahblahblah's)

Animal Jam and Friends (Plusiegirl's)

Animal Jam Bookshelf (MB2011's)

Animal Jam Collie (Ming132's)

Animal Jam Community (TheSlidoo's)

Animal Jam Explorer Club (4101leapprardsp1oqtwa's)

Animal Jam Explorers Geckoguy's)

Animal Jam Fiery (XxFreeSpiritxX, Lovelost, KiddyPool, Lehelter, XRawrX, Shawana98/Iloveaj5678, TiggerlilyCoke, Ace97, Feelers, BeautifulBlackWolf, LucyKate651, EagleEye34, YingYangSoulCat, Ilovekats, Colour54/DarkBrawken, Gingerpawz, BigCatsForever, Pool54321, Iria, Spino11, ScatechTheShadow,Ganimal151/SweetSalt/AmyGoesRawrx3, UniqueLog, SuperMonkeys, Ozmaoo, MLDB/TheDogLover, Kennedy13123, TheEpicWolfMan, Stallion1, Lehelter, petluver02, and TheSafari07's)

Animal Jam Fire (bigcatsforever's)

Animal Jam Flash (Lovelost's)

Lovelost quit supposedly. :(

Animal Jam Flock (GreatShot's)

Animal Jam Freeze! (Indians's)

Animal Jam Frost (Yugio123's)

Animal Jam Fury!

Animal Jam Gossip (Omnipotence and Lovelost's)

Animal Jam Guide (King Therobot's)

(Wow! Did you pay to own that website? By the way, looking great!)

Animal Jam Insiders (Sheesh4's)

Animal Jam Jammer's Weekly (Windstorm592's)

Animal Jam Kaboom! (Gianni14's)

Animal Jam Light (unicornpuff's)

Animal Jam Lop (gingerpawz's and Lovelost's)

Animal Jam Madness (Moosab & Taliya's)

Animal Jam Music | Best Tunes of Jamaa! (Bunnyman45608 and Uniquelog's)

Animal Jam Publish (Ganimal151's)

Animal Jam Pug (Gingerpawz's)

Animal Jam Roar (Rockypaw2's)

Animal Jam Rush (VivaCandy's)

Animal Jam Spot (Ironwolf's)

Animal Jam Squishies (Stallion1's)

Animal Jam Stream (DoomyPanda's)

Animal Jam Tides (pixiegirl86155's)

Animal Jam Truth (Iria's)

Animal Jam Wonder (1natureprincess's)

Animal Jam World Of Adventure (Suppergirl28's)

AJ Way (I don't know who it's by)

Chamz Animal Jam (Picturechamz's)

Funny/Weird Animal Jam Searches (Iria's)

Hope4Meg's Animal Jam Party! (hope4meg's)

Jam Spirit Blog for the Jammers (Snowyclaw's)

Jammers Journey (herber's)

Jumpy ScaryMonkey (jumpy scarymonkey's)

Juniper's Animal Jam Blog (Juniper's)

Star8puppy's Animal Jam Blast! (Star8Puppy's)

The Animal Jam Awesomeness (blueworlf1031's)

The Animal Jam Dash (Eightberry2's)

The Animal Jam Library (Bunnyman45608, Peacemusicswim, Jammie263 (not anymore), Unqiue - Cheese Ninja-, and XxSilvermoonxX's)

Bunnyman45608 quit that blog.. she has too many tests.

The Animal Jam Times (thebeatles0042's)

The Annoying Bunnies (gingerpawz's)

The Daily A-Jam (Wolfgirlgo's)

The Daily Howl (Ducier's)

She quit blogging and Animal Jam, I think. :(

If you want your blog or a someone you know's blog up here, please comment, and if you have the time, also tell me where it goes! (it is in alphabetical order) I have been having many requests, and they have all been added, so thank you too all those recent visitors! :)

I know a lot more, but I keep on forgetting their names...


  1. i tin
    k u read mah mind! i was just wandering waht oter bwgs tere wer bot AJ! Lol that sounded funny! I was just playing around. XD What I meant to say was:
    I think you read my mind! I was just wondering what other blogs there were about AJ!

    1. Lol. Cool and there's a ton more blogs I know if ya want me to post 'em!

  2. Hi i was searching animal jam blogs, can i came over this one, http://animaljammadness.blogspot.com/ it's really cool, you sHOULD put it up. .They deserve a lot of views and ur blog too.... wow good blogs are hard to find these days -sighs-

    1. yeah ikr and whats ur user on aj and thanks for commenting!! I will be sure to put it up. I'm sorry I answered late it was because i just came back from a cruise a few minutes ago!! :P

  3. Replies
    1. Ugh... oh right... well I thought there was another blog like that. But I did the wrong link. Sorry I'll change it.

  4. Hi! Can you post my blog? It's called Animal Jam Fire. www.animaljamfire.blogspot.com Thanks!

    1. Kk, and can you please follow my blog? :D :D :D

  5. Can you please write it again Enchanted?! I'm so sorry, I was trying to publish your comment but accidently clicked delete... :( I forgot the websites you own so I can't put 'em up! Please please write them again! :D :D :D


    1. Sure Jammie263!

      http://animaljamtruth.blogspot.com/ http://funnyanimaljam.blogspot.com/

    2. Search Animal Jam's link doesn't work.

      My username is Iria.

      Add http://animaljamtruth.blogspot.com and http://funnyanimaljam.blogspot.com please.

  6. Thanks for posting my blog! And btw, I'm animals26 in AJ..

  7. Hi!

    I am trying to help my friend ge her blog popular so it would be very exciting and kind if you could post it here :).

    Here is the details..

    Link: http://amysanimaljamnews.blogspot.com/
    Name of blog: Amy's animal jam news!
    username of leader of blog: Amyblahblahblah

    Thanks!, Wolfgirlgo

    1. I'd love to! You didn't tell me where it goes, but I don't have as many blog names as snowyclaw does.. (even though snowyclaw only followers her blogs)

      I'm going to put it up very soon!

  8. Hey Jammie! Pawsome Animal Jam blog! I was wondering if you could add mine to this little list.
    The title of it is Animal Jam Stream and the URL is animaljamstream.blogspot.com

    If you do add AJ Stream, it will be deeply appreciated. ^_^

    P.S. Check it out, maybe? :)

    1. Thanks! I added yours! ^-^ Lol, on your blog you said you are a magical panda. XP

    2. Actually, there is a magical bear who sneaks onto my blogger account every so often.
      He's too shy to post anything though. xD


  9. Post my blog? Animal Jam Flock. c: Thanks!

    1. Hey Greatshot!

      Thanks for checking out my blog! :) I'm not a master in blogging, but I really enjoy it. ^_^

      So sorry I didn't even post your blog.. I'm really losing my memory!


  10. Wait Jammie! If you look on Lovelost's blog it says she's back! :D

    1. @ Anonymous

      First of all, yes I know that, I talked to her just a few days ago, and she did post about returning, although she kind of quit.. since she doesn't see the meaning of animal jam and doesn't update her blog that much either.. second of all, could you maybe tell me your user on animal jam? I usually like to know who is who so I can keep track.. :P

      Thanks! ^-^


  11. Can you add my blog please? It goes before The Animal Jam Dash and after Jam Spirit Blog for Jammers. It's called Star8puppy's Animal Jam Blast and here's the URL: http://star8puppysanimaljamblast.blogspot.com/


  12. Hey Jammie! It's me AG! I had a wordpress but decided to quit and move the blogger. The link is: animaljampawprints.blogspot.com Thanks jammie! ~AG

  13. Hi it's me ducier
    Could you add my blog, please?

  14. Animal Jam Wonders

  15. Hi!

    Can you post my friends blog for me?

    Link: http://amysanimaljamnews.blogspot.com/p/rares.html
    By: Amyblahblahblah


  16. Nice blog you have. ^-^ Would you mind adding mine? Animaljamcollie.blogspot.com

  17. Hi please add my blog, I know it's new and not the best but could you add it anyway?

  18. Can you please add my blog? Its new and I just wanted to get it out.

    Owner: Wolfgirlgo

  19. Could you add my blog or mention it on here? Please? I worked really hard on it.

    I could do the same for you too!

    1. Thank you for adding our blog to the list! lol could you put us at the top of the list and tell people to visit, if it's not too much to ask? I would LOVE you forever okay?! :DD

    2. I'm sorry but I put the blogs in alphabetical order. c:

  20. Can u add my blog?

  21. http://thefunplay1insider.blogspot.com/
    http://fireworkfinalecatz.blogspot.com/ P.S. YAY DBSTEP MUSIC ON THAT BLOG >:D

    Those are my blogs I'd love for you to check out! >:D They aren't AJ related, but who cares? I still think they are awesome! (I get very happy listening to dubstep)

  22. Hi, I'm a big fan! Could you add my blog/website to your list? animaljamforever.weebly.com Site name is Animal Jam Forever! Thanks!

  23. Hi, I have another blog now. ajroar.blogspot.com Site name is animal jam roar. Thank you!

  24. I Have an animal jam Shadow Clan Blog, its... ShadowClanAJ.blogspot.com Thanks! XxclancatxX02

  25. Hi can you put my blog on here? It's called animaljamitemdatabase.blogspot.com Thanks

  26. Hi! Would you add my blog?
    Sol Lucet in Jamaa
    There is going to be a contest with a Top Hat as the prize when there are 5 followers (only two more to go!), so please follow!

    It goes between star8puppy's Animal Jam Blast and Juniper's Animal Jam Blog.

  27. Hi! Please add my blog called animaljammerland.blogspot.com
    If you do that would be great! Thanks so much!

  28. Hi! Please add my blog it's called animaljammerland.blogspot.com
    Thanks so much!!!

  29. Hi! I would love if you added my blog, Generally AJ, at generallyaj.blogspot.co.uk!


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