Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Scammer Alert!

Hey jammers!! :) I've got some new news! I found out that Kingammar123 says his dad is the head of Animal Jam HQ! Take a look at his name tag: 

Captain Windyruler: give me you non member wings
Captain Windyruler: my dad is head of aj
Captain Windyruler: im not joking
Captain Windyruler: or ill take away all your items

That's a small clip of what he said! If you don't believe me, that's sad because he is NOT a jammer! He's a scammer. Also, I'm sorry I didn't use grab and instead copied it... this was in jamaa township so many people were talking and it was very hard! But trust me, this is what he said!! 


  1. Sometimes, they can be lying, like on Animal Jam Fiery, a jammer claimed her dad was also head of Animal Jam HQ

    1. Ummm... yeah i know that was my point! He was scamming half because he said he would take their rares if they didn't give him their wings and half because he was most likely lying about being the son of the head of AJhq! Otherwise, he would have a ton more rares.

    2. To: thebeatles0042
      From: Jammie263

      Hey did you realize you are the buddy of the week? :P


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