Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cruise Ship Party Glitch!

This is a post about how to do the Cruise Ship Party Glitch!
First, click the Cruise Ship Party icon and parties when it's going on.
Second, go the the water slide's platform.
Third, open the game icon.
Forth, click the inside of the inner tube to the right of the water slide.
Fifth, play a game with somebody and exit out quickly. The one that best works is the Rock Paper Scissors game.
You will end up being between the ladder to the slide and the slide. This is what it looks like:
Then click in the sky and you will walk across the slide (without sliding down) and into the sky!
Then you will be in the sky and you can walk around the whole ship in the sky and in the sea!! You will also meet dolphins in the sea where the big tip wear the head of the ship is!
I hope this helps and I hope Animal Jam HQ won't delete this glitch! Thanks to Jammer194056 for teaching me this glitch!! :)


  1. Remember: You can't do this glitch or ANY glitch if your computer is lagging or is quite old!

    1. Thanks a ton! I've been trying to learn this glitch since the party came! Nobody told me!

    2. No prob!! :) Yeah me too, nobody would tell me unless i gave them a rare 0.0 I was so mad!

  2. When I do it, I land on the slide.

  3. When I did it, I slid down.

  4. does it work? because i tried and i also slid down...


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