Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bunnies Only Party Drum Lights Up!

  Hey jammers! Guess what...?!

This is what the drum looks like before. Look at the purple part of the drum. Now look at the next picture.(you have to have enough people hopping to make this work) 

See the purple part? It seems to have lit up!! Interesting huh? 


  1. Aw.... come on people!! Comment more! xD

  2. Does it break and you fall through like coral canyons and then you get a prize???

    1. No... and coral canyons bridge never really breaks and you don't get a prize even if it broke. It's the same with the ice at Mt. Shiveer. It never breaks. Once I had like 200 people on the coral canyons bridge and it didn't break. Pieces fell off but it kept repairing itself. And no matter how many people sleep at the pit in the Temple of Zios you will never get a prize like membership or a glove... sadly.


  3. I found something out about the bunnies only party! If you have enough people the stars on the side will light up, But if you have even more people peck statues will come out! But still no prize.

  4. wait what do you have to do to save peck and what does it do?


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