Monday, May 28, 2012

My Achievements - 111th Post!

Hello jammers! So I was thinking... maybe people wanted to know how many achievements I had? Well I have to prove it not just tell you... so I took a picture! :P Take a look:

Yes... I know I don't have a lot... 0.0 Oh well! 


  1. wow! congrats!! Blogger should do that too, for number of posts, followers, etc!!

    1. Yeah... I just got that idea from lovelost's blog when she wrote something i dont remember then a dash then 500th post! XD And thanks!! :) You and thebeatles0042 are like the only one who comment often so thanks a ton!!!

    2. I need to update my animals I changed my panda and giraffe's look! XD

    3. Ummm.... no I didn't.... I say Jam on Aj jammers or Jam on Animal Jammers


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