Monday, May 21, 2012

1st Week of Blogging

Hi jammers!! This exactly my 2nd week of blogging!! :) I started LAST Monday.  Ahh... time passes quickly, doesn't it? Anyways, in celebration, I'm going to teach anybody any glitch they want to know that I happen to know. Just comment!!

Example of what the comment to learn a code should look like:

Username: Jammie263
Landform where the glitch is: Jamaa Township
About where in that place: Where Mira is

I'll write back to you to tell you if I know how to do the glitch! If I do, I'll post a post similar to this:

Hey jammers! I'm writing this post to teach jammie263 (username) the glitch in Jamaa Township (landform where the glitch is) where Mira is (about where in that place)!! :) Here it is:

(how to do the glitch part)


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