Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cut In Half

Explaining the picture: Look I'm cut in half! XD How To Make It Happen: Stand in the mud and wait until the horse thing (I forgot what it's called) comes over. Then move to it and you will look like you have been cut in half! How It Works: You know how when you're in the mud and how half of your animal is not seen because you're in the mud? Well, once the horse thing comes, when you move to it, you can still only see half of your animal but your on the horse thing! So it makes it look like there's only half of you! XD You can't do this in the water because there's nothing that is in the water you can move to to make it look like this (I think :P) After Comment: Sorry most of you already know this, (so did I) but I was super bored so I decided to blog about this!! Enjoy and please comment, enter polls, and become a member of my blog!! PEACE!

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