Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Changed Name of Blog

I changed my name of my blog! It was:
Now it is:
Which name did you like better? :) I want you opinion!!


  1. How do you add a pic of yaself to ya blogger account?

    1. You click Edit Profile and then you keep on scrolling down until you find Profile Picture and you can choose a picture from what you have copied before that you haven't deleted. :P BTW please keep on commenting your my only commenter I think. XD Also please tell others about my blog! Like since your blogs pretty popular go on and say to check out my blog please!

    2. For some weird reason I can't type a comment to reply to someone's message or anything else unless I'm not signed in at the time on my blog! DX So I always type first then I sign in. :P

    3. Yay!! Now I have 107 views! XD (most are from me)

    4. Oh and also you said how you couldn't follow my blog, well all you have to do is sign out (if your signed in) to your own blog and then sign in and on the left you can click add and then just type: jammie263.blogspot.com and you can become a follower! :) Hope this helped Vera! Anybody else who wanted to know it's all right here! Lol I just figured it out like yesterday then I forgot. :P (I started blogging yesterday.

    5. Vera, please please please join my site! All you have to do is click Join This Site on the right side of my blog.

    6. Lol nvm you already did. XD

  2. I have a lot more than 107 views now! XD (but most are still from me)


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