Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bunnies Only Party - new items and things i found out

}{ai jammers!! :D I noticed some new things and some things that I just never noticed but was already there at the Bunnies Only Party!! 

First, there's a new Bunny Rug. It has 8 colors and I took a picture of each one.

These are in order from when you click it and look through the colors. They are 350 gems and are members only. Hey, which is your favorite? I'd like to know!! Comment and tell me!! :)

Also, when I was doing the Bunnies Only Party Glitch, I decided to take a few pictures! Here they are:

Lol. Sorry that was random...

Lol, I'm a bit to pig for the claw now!! Hey... I've never seen a bunny plushie with so many things on! XD

I noticed there's a statue of Peck the Rabbit Shaman above the Music Shop for the Bunnies Only Party!

Yes, you are probably thinking... huh?! It's obvious isn't it? It's a rabbit hole!! But... is AJ going to put something here? I mean... it's so empty... I just feel like there should be something here out counting the rabbit! Anyways, that's all I got.. so JAM ON AJ JAMMERS!! 

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