Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Glitches Should Be Free!

Hi jammers!! Just sayin' to all jammers (not saying you do this but some do)  that if you know a glitch and somebody asks if you can teach them, either say you don't want the glitch to be corrected and your sorry or teach them is for free. I've met many people who ask for a price when teaching people glitches! They say things like: Send me an item and I'll teach you this glitch! or Send me a rare item and I'll teach you show you this glitch! This is not fair since glitch experts should help people who aren't glitch experts and tell them the glitch or not tell anyone (unless the person who wants to know is being very bossy, mean or scams) Anyways, I always tell people glitches for free unless the computer's lagging and I have to log of before finishing... 0.0


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