Thursday, April 11, 2013

Extremely Rare Pet Hoards - Watch in amazement

Hello CSians! Feeling the Love here!

So, I was strolling along and I noticed A TON of these hoards for huge rarity pets. Yes, I have seen these before but seriously, I started to think just now...

Some people have these high rarity pets, and many of them while others— most, are there scrambling to try to just get one throughout their entire CS experience.

If it really makes one happy to hog them all, then okay I guess that is okay. But really, maybe you could try trading down just one of them to someone who wants one with their life?

Totally unbiased here, it's not like I'm desperate for a Sunjewel, UR Tiger, Joker, etc.. Okay, fine I am. x3

Huge Joker Hoards:

Huge Angel Advent Hoards:

Huge UR Tiger Hoards:

Huge 2008 UR Cat Hoards:

Huge Noncoon Hoards:

I'll probably add more later. xD

Anyway, if anyone out there is a hoarder, I too hoard, don't worry. xD And I'm a hypocrite so if I actually had the rares to be able to hoard amazing pets like those and actually get multiple, I maybe would have hoarded them too. :P

This is just for entertainment to see all these huge groups of amazing pets. <3 Found another high rarity large pet hoard? Comment below and send me the link! ;)

See you in the Forums!

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  1. I sort of miss you old Animal Jam Bouncies

  2. -cries- Animal Jam Bouncies.....

  3. *sigh* I know. But it's not like I was even interested in AJ anyways. It's changed, in good and bad. Mostly bad though. Actually, maybe all bad. I might just go with random things. You know, like general instead of just CS.

  4. Before i even saw those comments i came here to say i missed aj bouncies =/


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