Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Topics! Read on for more - Spread this, please!

Hi everyone! Yes, I didn't say jammers. Why? I'm hoping to get some other viewers other than jammers. Again, why would I want that? Well, I want to see others' taste about anything. I'm going to be changing my entire topic completely for this blog.

Jammie263 is no longer going to be my name for that was my Animal Jam name. No, you're not going to be using my in person name. You can now use my Chicken Smoothie name, Feeling the Love.

My profile:

Check it out for me, okay? c: [Gifts are loved. x3 I usually gift back.]

That's right! This blog will be changed to Chicken Smoothie ______. I'm unsure to what the rest should be, any ideas? Or I could do Feeling the Love's Chicken Smoothie _____. News? How about... Howl? 

Enter in my new poll to tell me your ideas, okay? If you don't think any of the ones I suggested are what you like best and you picked "Other", comment below this post and may even add it to the poll if a lot of people agree. [if you do, reply to the post saying "yes", "that sounds great", etc.)

Anyhow, I'm also thinking of a new font. Ideas? There's a poll for that too. I'm going to be deleting (or at least turning into drafts so you can see them) pages that have to do with Animal Jam. I'll still have my Mistletoe story up, don't worry about that. c: I might even make more stories!

Ooh, and.... 

How about you guys comment below this new page I've made called "Sharing stories!" where you can post a short story of yours! I may even put it up for everyone to see! ;)

Chicken Smoothie is my favorite online virtual world right now and I really want others to join. So, here's the website for any newbies to CS [Chicken Smoothie]:

If a lot of people ask for a tour, I may even post that! 

Although I won't be changing this theme [maybe... possibly... but only after a long time] but I want to put a poll asking people what they think about the change. And my new way of greeting you guys will be...

CSians! ^-^

I'm not going to be deleting any of the older posts. I think they help me remember the days I was addicted to Animal Jam. c: You?

The theme background will be changed including the title. This may take a couple of weeks to completely switch over but I'm already pumped!

See you on the Forums! [if you don't know what this is, tell me, this will be included in the tour]

First Step: New Signature!:

Sisters! [reminds me of Secret of the Wings Tinkerbell x3] Two of my most prized pets, Green Sorbet and Winged Wood Angel

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

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  1. That's awesome! I love Chicken Smoothie! It's super awesome! Even though I'm a COPPA... But I have a lot of awesome pets which I really like! I think this blog is going to be great!


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