Tuesday, March 5, 2013

So much news! - 30,000 Views!

Hey Jammers! Jammie263 here!

For yesterday's news...

Sorry it's so small, but here's a quick tour of the Lucky Party!

The Lucky Music is back! Was always a favorite of mine. xD

And a new item... the Rare Star Glasses! I feel like these have already been out before, but I may be wrong.

Snowyclaw caught this note from AJHQ on Everloop! There's a new code now...

AJHQ3000 I believe!

It gets your 500 gems [they should give you 3000... x3] and can only be used ONCE.

For today's news, the Clover Patch is back from last year! 300 gems, still members only.

Snowyclaw and some other jammers found a new glitch! A regular raccoon with a non member necklace sits...

... and bam! It's a member necklace! Cool, huh? I wonder when AJHQ will fix it although I must admit it's kind of cool. xD [You know, since there are like no more glitches on animals anymore...]

See you in Jamaa!

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