Tuesday, March 12, 2013

NON MEMBER Big Raccoon Plushie? :O

Hi Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Lol, sorry about not posting, I just kept feeling lazier and lazier as time passed. "Ugh, now I have more to post. x3" Like some of us think for homework, 'eh? [not me though... :/]

Anyways, I'm just going to throw everything I missed at you guys, so you'd better watch out!

Clover Blankets are back! ;)

Ooh, so excited! If they are going to be keeping fun glitches, they'd better get that skyway glitch to start working again! >:I No, they can't do that? Aw.. man!

The Anchor Baseball hat, a new rare monday item that's— what do you say? Oh, oops, it's already gone! Anyways, credit to Snowyclaw for this picture. It's 950 gems, and non member if you'd like to know. ^-^

Can't you believe this!? It's a NON MEMBER Big Raccoon Plushie! I thought non member animals had non member big ____ plushies and member animals had member big ____ plushies! What do you think AJ will do next, make Raccoons non member? :D

Credit to Snowyclaw who found this out from Wando20, look at this amazing user! There's an "_" which in Snowyclaw's theory, which I believe is probably true, AJ moderators make accounts that use things like that that we can't type in and search!

What's your theory?

Also, another birthstone is out! I'm not quite sure if I already posted this one... oh well. x3

See you in Jamaa!

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