Sunday, January 20, 2013

Problems with AJ

SilverTail here!
I'm really sorry that I keep on posting depressing and bad news about AJ, but really, I can't find any good things about them. 
The first thing that is bad about it is that first of all, it makes you get to distracted from your education. And the education is the most important part of your life. Without it you wouldn't get a better life and you won't get your dream job/ a job. So far, I've learned that a lot of bloggers had got really bad grades when they're really so intelligent, the reason why they got this was because of AJ. 

Second is the inappropriate content. It's just wrong people, and I'm not being mean to madjaster of Warriors, but murder? Okay, I admit, I was in a clan, ThunderClan, and I did see some violence. But still. I wouldn't do that. And I learned from Breathless, that from the clans these users who "murdered" these other jammers (virtually) have also learned how to physically bully other kids in person. How bad is that?

Third is the scamming. I hate this part the most. There has been so many scammers these days, all of them, greedy for those rares that are really PIXELS. Right now, I just found out that 3/4 of the jammers in Jamaa are scammers while only 1/4 jammers are normal. That is at least only 25% of the normals, while there are 75% of the hackers/scammers/blackmailers/snobs/mean ones/imposers. It is horrible, you just have to admit.

And those are most likely the top 3 problems with AJ. Please don't post rude comments about how this should have not been admitted. 
Jam On Jammers ;)

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