Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hi Jammers! Jammie263 here!

I haven't posted in what, 6 or 7 days? So sorry about that guys... no I wasn't on a vacation or anything. Let's just carry on with all the news I missed. They aren't exactly in order...

I really think they are adorable with their stout little leggy things. xD


A rare cowboy hat! Loving those colors! 

A football hoop thing.. whatever it's called. As you can see I'm not too good when it comes to football... xD 

Witch hats are back in stores!

I wonder what "JFL" stands for..? What do you think? I believe it means "Jammer's Football League" or something along those lines. Or maybe "Jamaa's Football League"? Ideas?

Edit: Wow... I just read Snowyclaw's post about that.. I feel like such a copy even though I didn't even look at hers before I came up with that. Dx

The Rare Top Hat! Sorry if I miss a lot of other items... I'm not too great at remember which ones I haven't posted. :(

Lol, the minnows together create the shape of minnows! I love those type of confusing things... :)

The Fire Pot is back! Always an item I loved... I've been interested in fire ever since I was a child. xP

Hmm... looks.. funny?

Wow, that sure is a lot of items! Animal Jam has been making so many new items although most are just old ones returning. I seriously can't keep up. I'm thinking about having a kind of form like thing for jammers to fill out if they'd like to post the daily news here and then I will send them an email and when they accept they will become a moderator! c: Like that idea? Here is the form if anyone's interested:

Are you an experienced blogger and jammer on Animal Jam?:
Do you promise to post every day or at least usually?:
Do you own a blog, and if so what is it called (please give link)?:
Will you make sure you never use bad words or be a bad influence?:

If you enter, I want to see some thought. Thought = Time. Time = You really want to post on this blog. (:

And last but not least, I give full credit to Geckoguy for figuring this out:

This used to be the most hacked account on Animal Jam. It's username was password; and it's password was password. AJHQ deleted this account when they realized it was being hacked, and no one can create an account with this username anymore.

Any Alpha
You cannot create an account with any Alpha's name to prevent tricking Jammers that a player is an Alpha.

Any Guide
In 2010 and 2011, AJHQ employees roamed the streets of Jamaa as Guides. Their usernames were something like "GuideRabbit". A username cannot be created if it has the word "guide" in it.

Before late 2012, Alphas were called "Shamans". You cannot create an account with the word "shaman" in it.

You cannot create an account with the name "AJHQ" to prevent tricking jammers that you work for Animal Jam.

Very cool, right? xP

Well, hopefully I've covered that! xD


  1. Hi Jammie! Im a fan of your blog. Im looking to become a moderator and when I saw this I was like OH MY MIRA! Anyway, here is my form

    Are you an experienced blogger and jammer on Animal Jam?: Yes, I have my own blog and I'm a obsessed Animaljam jammer.

    Do you promise to post every day or at least usually?: Yes, I promice to post everyday. If I am going to miss a day I will inform you.

    Do you own a blog, and if so what is it called (please give link)?: I own a blog called the Daily A-Jam. Here is the link: http://thedailyajam.blogspot.com/

    Will you make sure you never use bad words or be a bad influence?: Yes! This is somthing that I am skilled at. Im not one of those self-defence mean people. I even promiced, on my blog, that I would always be nice in the comments.

    Thanks! Here is just some contact info

    E-Mail: Erikahorse12@aol.com
    Username: Wolfgirlgo

  2. I wish I could post like the new items but I don't hve a blogger account. :(

    1. She should make one! It's really fun to have you'r own blog, and it's not like life, you can just delete the blog if you don't like it!

  3. Hello, Jammie.
    Please cop&&paste this link into your browser and read all the way through.
    I'm sorry I couldn't tell you on AJ, I just didn't want to see your reaction.
    It would break my heart.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. So sorry I wasn't here to reply earlier Eagle, but trust me: You have always been one of my closest friends. I... I... I looked at the link you gave me and died a little inside.

      A fight? Just because a little stupid fight she would do that? That's just... just... horrible! Attention? ATTENTION?! Are you serious people? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Sorry.. but... just remember that I love you [as a friend of course]. <3 And lots of other people obviously do to. So please, please, don't you ever doubt that.

      [Posting a reply to you on your blog and here]


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    1. Uh.. thank you. Your links have nothing to do with AJ though, please do not advertise. I'm flattered, I'm really not much of a writer but thank you. c:

  5. Erm Jammie? I was wondering if you could post this Friday on AJP? Thank you (:
    -AG (if you need me to change the schedule I can)

    1. I am so sorry AG... Dx I don't even have time to post here. :c Errm... I'll just delete myself from AJP so someone else can fill my spot. I kind of quit AJ anyways...


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