Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Maybe I'll keep posting for a bit longer

Hi Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Seems that I haven't received many entries... so I guess I will be posting a bit longer. *everyone groans* 

Yeah yeah, I know everyone was looking forward to a new poster. >.< Moving on, here is the (almost) all the news I have missed:

February. It taunts me. Time passes too quickly... I wish I could forever be young. :c

New Buddy of the Month I see. I'll put one up at some point... some time. xD

Pet tigers! ^-^ So adorable...

That's my little Firesnake! I wish I could change the color of that yarn ball... O_o

Awesome! AJ has been giving a ton more things for all jammers. 

Hmm... definitely got to answer that Quiz!

The Friendship party is back! Always loved those beautiful flowers... <3

*Spoiler Alert*

It's a raccoon! I wonder if the Raccoon tails will sell so well now. >_<

Cool! I don't know but don't you think the other buddies may be a bit offended? xD

Because it's so close to Valentine's Day, there are tons of new jam-a-grams! I chose this one to show you guys since it's the Year of the Snake. c:

Now, onto all the new items:

Most are related to Valentine's day, yes? The ones that are actually 'new' are the Amethyst Birthstone [Beautiful!] and the Rare Knight Helmet. Hmm, even the knight helmet is purple and blue! If you don't already know, purple represents royalty. [And in my opinion, love. <3] It was the Rare Monday Item yesterday though, sorry about that. Dx

See you in Jamaa!!


  1. Look, everyone wanted a new author beacause we wanted more posts. You only post once a week for heavens sake! This blog stinks now that no one is posting. Goodbye forever Jammie, goodluck with this stinken blog.

    1. Thank you for sharing what you feel. I've been inspired to put this comment in part of my next post. c: I guess what I did before doesn't change now... people still think since I don't post much this is a "stinkin blog". I just thought it was a "not used much" blog. But I guess that's the same thing... :c


Please be kind to one another. :)

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