Monday, February 11, 2013

Robot Verification and More

Hey Jammers! Jammie263 here!
That's right, I've posted two days in a row now! xD

Anyways, the new rare monday item is...

The Rare Knight Armor!
{Credit to DoomyPanda for all pictures in this post)

DoomyPanda noticed that you can now purchase 100,000 gems! Holy cow, that sure is a ton of gems.... but why not earn that much instead? I admit, it's hard. The most I've ever earned without spending any was 72,000 gems or somewhere around there. Then I got impatient and spent a ton of it. xP

Some of you may have noticed that I put back the Robot Verification for commenting. I just learned this from DoomyPanda:

"A few of you (on AJ and in the comments) have been asking me to take down the word verification. The reason I have it up is to prevent spam, so I can't. Sorry. :(
Some of you are familiar with non-robotic spam, which is just an irrelevant comment (such as just "hi") from a reader. It's a little different from robot spam. Robot spam is often an advertisement for something, such as "Come to our horrible store at [insert location here] for a wide selection of useless junk." It's posted by bots.
   Word verification helps stop the robots from publishing their comments, so there aren't any annoying ads on the blog.
  Oh, and yes I do have comment moderation on. I just find it annoying if I go to my blogger dashboard and get all happy about seeing a comment and find out it's just an ad for a gaming system that I don't need."

That's why I put back the Robot Verification... I was getting wayyyy too much spam and I'm going to assume lots of that were made by robots. 

I know it's annoying having to enter it all the time and it was even for me but I really have to do this. Maybe someday I will take it down...

See you in Jamaa!

[Currently don't have signature I'm at Silvertail's house. :P (We're like BFFs in real life...)]


  1. I'm sad. Check my life blog to know why. Unless you want me to comment why.. :(

  2. Why are your authors not posting? You must have made a bad choice on them.

    1. I didn't invite anyone to become an author yet.

    2. Oh, I thought you did.... But dident Thebeatles post?

    3. Silvertail is my BFF in real life. Once her blog got deleted [I forgot, something happened to her old email or something...] I invited her here. That was like months ago. xD


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