Friday, February 15, 2013

Cherry Tree and Some Hints [Birds-of-Paradise]

Hey Jammers! Jammie263 here! ;)

The Cherry Tree is back! Don't you find it weird how the cherries are all at the bottom...? No, maybe that's just how cherry trees are. Anyyyway.

There's a new News Crew Assignment! I don't really have any time to enter so I'm not going to even try anymore. Yup, you're looking at a giver upper right now. But I'm sure you guys can, so why not give it a shot? ;)

I really don't like this 'new' font, it's just horrid looking. Too unoriginal. I loved the old one, so awesome! Hopefully this is just a glitch or this is just temporary 'cause I'm not enjoying it. x3

Now, onto my awesome discovery... [It seems Snowyclaw doesn't have this up yet. >:) Okay, sorry. xD Moving on.]

All me just exploring the place. It's HUGE, I was just amazed. No need to correct me, I 'was' wasn't something I typed accidently. I mean it. After trying to find all those birds [so hard... all moving Dx], I've begun to get annoyed by this. I'm actually kind of glad the entire AJ isn't like this while just yesterday I would have totally agreed with Doomypanda. So sick of it... too much green stuff. And blue stuff. Meh, I feel so bad about where I am... ALL WHITE. O_O

At the Birds-of-Paradise shop, there are three different items. I got all of them, then ran out of inventory space. :I AJ really needs to give jammers 100 more inventory space for both clothing and for dens... all of mine are full. :c

And now... for the GRAND FINALE! That's right, I finished the Journey Book! The birds were all so beautiful! Except the blue headed black bird one with it's wings up... that one's just plain weird. Anyhow, I'm just showing you this as a hint. Please don't comment below asking if I can help you with it or Jam-a-gramming me, this was just temperate and I really don't remember where anything is anyways. Besides, I'm not going to go on AJ anytime soon.

And here is the prize! A Paradise Throne! Not as much as I was expecting, I really wanted to see like a bird tree with tons of the birds I found on it. Now that would be awesome.

But really, it's pretty cool. I found out that if you click the place where you put your back on [sorry I don't remember what that's called] then feathers come out and it's just AWESOME! It's a huge bird chair basically... <3 I still would like a bird tree more though. x3

Hope you enjoyed this post! Please remember that if you take any of this post and post it on your blog PLEASE give me credit. A link isn't expected but at least mention the name "Jammie263" or "Animal Jam Bouncies". 'K, hopefully that's not too much to ask!

[Unless it's just the picture of the cherry tree or the news crew assignment picture. Then I really don't care. xD]

See you in Jamaa!

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