Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sand Castle and Paradise Mat

Hey Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Oops, I absolutely forgot about posting yesterday. xP No excuse this time just that don't ever go near the 'Story' series such as Restaurant Story, Pet Story, Bakery Story, etc.. EXTREMELY addictive.

The Sand Castle was yesterday's new item. I definitely love the detail of it although how does sand stay together like that UNDER water when it takes a long time to just do it above water? Wouldn't it get too soggy? And yes, you're right I am to logical. xD

For today's new item, the Paradise Mat! I'm not sure if I mentioned that AJ might get one of these but if I did [I think so...?] MWAHAHAHA! >:)

The Sand Castle is in Sunken Treasures I believe and the Paradise Mat is in the Paradise Party!

Also, credit to Ducier the Awesome for this picture...:

Look at that! A stamp that says "Coming soon!" on it! What do you think will be there? My guess is Paradise Wallpaper of flooring. What about you? ;)

See you in Jamaa!


  1. IDK! Good thought though. I'm pretty sure that it will be a couch.

  2. I think so too. Or, I atleast hope so! I have had the same flooring and wall in my den for a while now. All the other ones in Jam Mart Clothing I dont like XD. I cant wait to see what it is!

    Your biggest fan, Wolfgirlgo


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