Saturday, June 30, 2012


Hey jammers! This post has no pictures but oh well! XP I have nothing to write but... my blog has 1000 views now!! :) I'm having a big party at my den this Monday, June 4th, 2012!! It most likely won't be about the 1000 views but if you read this, it's what the party really means!! Join the party tomorrow at around 5:00!!  (/(='.'=)\) It will probably be a trading party but it will be mostly just chatting!! Hope you can be there jammers!! :P


  1. congrats!! but I don't think I'll be there, I get about an hour on the internet a day and I think I've used half of it already!!

    1. Hey Tiggerkat!! Thanks and that's sad... :( I really wanted to meet you on AJ!! Oh I only get a bit if a time this week but I convinced my mom I didn't have to not be able to play at all on the computer. Is your user on AJ Tiggerkat? 'Cause if it is I would be very happy to add you!! ^_•

      JAM ON Tiggerkat!! :P

    2. yep,my username is tiggerkat, you can send me a buddy request, but I really don't play on AJ much, I like blogging alot more!! (almost as much as I like eating reeses!!)

    3. Oh I thought so and when I was on you seemed to be on when I searched you up then I was about you ask you to be my buddy... but decided if it was somebody else that wouldn't turn so good... so yeah!! And I almost wanted to quit Aj but then I made this blog so now I go on again and I mostly just go on Aj to take pics for the AJ bouncies! xD Ya, I know you like eating reeces cups because on thebeatles0042's blog you commented: DO YOU HAVE AN REECES CUPS ON THIS BLOG? *looks around blog*
      so I knew and then thebeatles0042 got a picture of a reeces cup and said:

      To: Tiggerkat

      HERES YOUR REECES CUP!! XD So ya... oh and do you want me to give ya a reeces cup? :P

      P.S. I checked out your blog once but I forgot it's name. All I remember from it was that it was super good and that on the left side (maybe not anymore) there was thebeatles0042's cat and you got it and said:


      So ya it was super funny...

      JAM ON!!

    4. my blog is
      glad you like it! You know, the only thing that could possibly make your blog better would be some reese cups! It really improved thebeatles0042's blog! (IMHO)


    5. OH and yes, I did check out your blog again! It's not really about animal jam... 0.0 it's more about Reese's Cups and pets. Anyways, lol and I'll add some Reese's Cups right now!! XP


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