Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blankets Have Finally Come Out!!

Hey jammers! Big news!! Like the title says, the blankets in the "items that might come out" page has come out!! I'm going to take them off that page now but like I said, there are 8 colors! Cowsandlightbulbs had an orange one and few other people had different colors too! They cost only 350 gems!! I thought they would cost at least 600 gems. 0.0 I wish I could get them but I still have got no room! :( Maybe when I feel like it I will get some. I truly never thought they would come out this soon!! Anyways, they are members only so sorry to non members!! They are in the order when you click the "change color" button. 

Which is your favorite? Please comment and tell me because I'm deciding which ones I will get when I have enough room! I would get all of them but probably not. I do have enough gems to of course... I have 16000 something right now. JAM ON AJ JAMMERS!! 

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