Thursday, June 21, 2012

Penguins Only Party!

Hey jammers! There are a ton of fun stuff at the new Penguins Only Party!! Everybody can be a penguin now so come and join the fun!

The Penguins Only Party icon looks like this!

I'm buried in so much snow you can only see half of my body! xD

There is a new music too! It is called Chillin' Out!

There are new den items too! If you look at the banner closely, you will see a penguin! Is that a penguin shaman? :P Or is is a random penguin they put there with random clothes on?

Just like the snow fort, there is this cool thing that makes you snowy! It even has a penguin picture on the bottom. 

A nice pool that is super cold! Did you ever notice this party is on a flying peace of ice... well it looks like that I mean. Of course it isn't really floating, its on the water! xD

Me and random people randomly trying to break this pieces of ice that will never break! =3

If you click this hot air balloon in the sky, you will get a tiny one next to you!

This is me sliding down one of the slides! I got a snow cone... if you study the picture carefully (or not ) you will get how I got the snow cone... or you can scroll down and see what I say. (it will tell you how) This slide has a roof on one part of it where one of my friends is ! I don't know how they are not sliding down. 0-0

This is a snow cone picture! If you click it you get a snow cone. If you keep on clicking you will get different colors.

This is me on the other slide! This one's specialty is that it has these points on the slide. You will see one of them above me. 

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