Monday, June 4, 2012

Omnipotence's Tragic Glitch and What Happened

Hi jammers. (says without happiness) Today this tragic glitch happened to Omni! :'( It said she was at the same place as us but she wasn't! She could see what we said but we couldn't see what she said! She seemed to have not been able to leave the Wolves Only Party (where she really was) so that was no good. She basically disappeared except she didn't!! This all doesn't make sense, but it's all true. I started typing Jam A grams to her but soon I got this:

I couldn't jam-a-gram her and soon she got the same thing about me. We couldn't communicate!! There were a ton of people helping to find her. She told my friends (by jam-a-gram) that she was hiding. We looked and looked but she was no where to be seen! Some people who I know I took pictures of that were looking for her! There were many more people than this though. (this all happened in my den)

This is Omni!! Of course she wasn't looking for herself... xD I was just showing you her tag so you would know what she looked like if you see her. 

Some person I don't exactly know but my friends do. 

A former friend who I think I accidently deleted... I'm not sure. 

Bluepup429 is a former friend. 

Patientpanda dleted me when I got scammed and thought that my skull was super rare. She thought I was trying to scam!! :(

Fatpanda96, the buddy of the week. 

Ace97, thebeatles0042 is a big fan of him.

This random person who kept telling people to report them. 

Me, Jammie263.

XxFreespiritxX's Father.

XxFreeSpiritxX who owns the blog called Animal Jam Freedom. 

Gothheart, somebody I just became friends with that I have always wanted to become friends with.

A former friend that for some reason kept deleting me... 

So, there were quite a bit of people! We still didn't find her but I hope that tomorrow when I can Jam-a-gram her again, the glitch will stop! Jam on AJ jammers and please tell me if you find her! 

Later on.... 

This is me editing this post! I went on today and Omnipotence's glitch was all fixed! :) She told me it had gone a while ago... (though the glitch happened yesterday) so I knew probably it got fixed when she logged on again. JAM ON!! :P

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