Saturday, June 30, 2012

200 Clothing and My Fave Den (out of my acc.)

Hey jammers! Sorry that I hadn't posted this before.. I found this out yesterday. o.o (kind of late) but member jammers can now have 200 clothes! I guess AJHQ listened when I told them they should let us have more clothing space not just den item space! Sorry that this post has no pictures I was thinking of taking a picture of the thing that says ?/200 at the changing colors and changing clothes place but I decided not too. o.o 

Now to my favorite den out of all my accounts!! I have had it like this for a long time... since about December! It was first designed for my dogs and puppies and foxes! Now only one of them are still my friends because the rest deleted me. Her user is shegirl and she doesn't go on so often. She used to be a member. She is a great friend and comforted me into not quitting after my only rare at that time (my black worn) got scammed! She was always there for me and I was actually thinking of putting her as my buddy of the year. She will most likely be the next buddy of the month!! She never had many rares but it doesn't matter about rares it only matters about personality. Here is a picture of her:

I sometimes miss the times when we were together. I wish at that time I knew how to take pictures so I would have many memories of her and me. I haven't seen her for a few months and I really hope she didn't quit. 

And back on topic... 

so to my favorite part on.... which one of my accounts...?!

JAMMIE264 which was actually made by a friend of mine I know in real life! Her user on AJ is emaohn. At that time, my main account, jammie263 did not have free chat it had bubble chat. So I am very thankful to her too! 

Sorry if it's a bit blurry. 

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