Saturday, June 2, 2012

Trading Tips and Trading Video

So, I'm going to tell you guys (or girls xP) some trading tips!

1. Trade instead of sending!! Sending items instead of trading is an easy way to get scammed! :(
2. When some jammer says something along the lines of: Whoever sends me the most items gets something (such as scary bat wings, membership, a lion, their pass, etc.), don't send them anything because it's most likely not true!
3. If someone says anything along the lines of: My mom and/or dad is the head of AJHQ!! Send me your rares or my mom and/or dad will tell me your password and give me it so I can hack all your items, don't believe it!!
4. If someone says: If you accept this trade, I will send you something (such as worn, scary bat wings, top hat, freedom wings), don't accept the trade!! (unless it's a good deal)
5. If someone says: My dad says that if I don't get something (such as Scary Bat Wings) he won't let me play Animal Jam or watch TV, again.... DON'T BELIVE IT!!
6. If someone says... This item (such as Skull.) is super rare and way rarer than your item (such as Scary Bat Wings). I'm going to be nice to you buy trading you it since I really want your item! This usually happens when they are your friend. Sometimes if they aren't your friend, you would ask your friends if this is true... but sometimes they lie or they don't know either. This... you might think is very very obvious. But sometimes... they tell you something that you don't know that much about there for you get tricked.
7. Don't flash trade an item to somebody unless it is a bad deal because sometimes, when you exit out, they still see it and they can accept even after you canceled!!

I hope this helped!

If you go to Jamaa township and click the board and click the Trading video, you will notice some things.

1. AJiscool (the member person) is kind of stupid... 
2. AJisaweomse (the non member person) is first smart then kind of stupid.
3. Declining a trade is totally fine people!!!!!! I'm saying this because people always say I'm a scammer and I'm mean because I decline their horrible trades like red necklace (non member for 45 gems) for my Scary bat wings or Blue Top!!

Why is AJiscool stupid and AJisawesome kind of stupid? Okay, I'll explain.

AJiscool trades Scary Bat wings and Box if Chocolates for bat glasses!! Dx So AJiscool is kind of dumb.

AJisawesome accepts so they are first smart.

Then, AJisawesome trades Ajiscool a rare for a non rare. Which makes him kind of dumb. (not that dumb...)

And then, AJiscool says no. This makes him even more stupid! Ugh well at least this is just a video not the truth 'cause or I would be so jealous of AJiscool... he got Scary Bat wings for even better of a deal as I did! (I traded a purple glove when they weren't that rare) JAM ON AJ JAMMERS!


  1. This is my first time checking out your blog but I tout this post was hilarious XD
    I agree, I think they really don't know 'rares' yet.

    1. Hey blackwings!! Do you have an AJ account? Who are you? From moshi monsters or animal jam or both? Is your user blackwings on AJ or moshi monsters? Sorry but I've never heard of you!! Anyways, yes I think it is halarious and they don't know rares. Thanks for commenting and please tell people about more blog and keep commenting!! :) Oh and did you enter my polls? :D If you want, I can add you on Moshi monsters or Animal Jam or both if you go on often!! Again, thanks a ton for commenting!!

    2. Oh and, can you become a member of my blog? You don't have to of course but if you can that would be great!! :P

    3. I'm rare :3... No JK I just said that 'cause you've never heard of me x3
      I'm on AJ o3o And yeah. I'll try to become a member of the blog ^^ fatpanda96 is my buddy btw .3. And if you don't have space I'm ok without you buddying me ;D
      I'll enter the polls right now ^0^

    4. Lol. Well I will search you up and see if you look familiar and I might add you depends if someone happened to have deleted me today. Oh mmkay AJ good. Ya Ik fatpanda she's the buddy of the month! And thanks a ton for commenting a lot and thanks for entering the polls if ya have yet! >.<

    5. Ya I have seen the video so many times when I made new accounts I sometimes watched it and it's so funny how they give such a good deal!!!! XP

      I know some people who trade stuff really rare for something that isn't rare because they think the really rare item doesn't look good! My friend, her sister did that to her clover blanket when they hadn't come out this year for a seal plushie!! My friend was so mad and upset. :(

  2. Oh yeah and how do I become a member of your blog?

    1. Oh you just click "join this site" on the right side of my blog. Just scroll downward. And you have to have a google account, yahoo, or some other accounts they list and then you just log onto that and you can just join the site! :D

  3. blacky/blackwingsJune 6, 2012 at 8:52 AM

    Username: blackwings
    Gender: Female
    Age/Date of birth: Shhh... ;)
    Yeah and this is my easily said profile :L

    1. Oh cool thanks for telling me and lol I don't need to know your age or date of birth!! >_< You're like: Shhh... ;) At first I didn't know you what you meant when you said the last line but now I do. :P

    2. Oh I almost forgot, do you want me to call you blacky or blackwings?

    3. OH YESH TISH ISH BLACKWINGS AGAIN :3June 6, 2012 at 6:08 PM

      Ok tanxxx for telling me =3 And I don't really mind if you call me black (not in the racist way XD) or blacky or just plain blackwings. (^_^)/) Buh-bai, see you on AJ (sometime)!

    4. Mkay thanks for commenting!! (again XD) Bye bye and I can't wait to meet you on Aj sometime!! :) No wonder fatpanda96's your friend you're so nice!! >_<

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