Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Animal Jam - Beta Testing Days

Hey jammers! So this is basically about how I don't go on as long on AJ or blog as often anymore! When I get up, I usually simply think, great, another day with nothing to do. (*coughs* this is sarcasm if you cannot tell) I'm not addicted to Animal Jam anymore. Wow, that's a surprise... I used to be so in to it and I went on for the whole day. I guess it's because I'm becoming depressed on AJ more often (which is true) and that AJHQ doesn't seem to understand what some people want. For example, I don't want all beta items to come out! A lot of people were happy about leafs coming out, flags, freedom mask, and other rares. I even heard tomorrow that top hats are coming out! D= What are you AJHQ people thinking? So many people out there I must admit, have been wanting items like that to come out. They want the rares they don't have to come out. Well guess what, if you only want them for their rareness, don't be happy! Once items come out even for a day, they won't be rare. Okay... they will be "rare" but way less rare. If you want them because they look good, fine with me. But such as leafs and top hats, I really don't want them coming out. Yes, it is mostly because I had/have them.. but freedom masks I weren't too happy about either. Because people get depressed when items they have traded a lot for to come out. It is basically the same as getting scammed except you can't blame anybody. I'm dreading tomorrow because I heard top hats will be coming out. If you get this message AJHQ, please do not start getting all beta items to come out. Yes, lots of people do want the beta testing days back. But that doesn't mean they want the beta items back. Sure... we want skullies, but that is because nobody has them currently. When we say we want beta days to be  back, we mean not having everybody care about rares a ton, being unfair and ignoring some people without rares, but simply having fun and learning! I like how Animal Jam was before, not now. When leafs came out, I also was upset. If new items that have never come out or simply items that AJ has taken away came back in stores, that would be something everybody would like. If you do not agree and is very happy that items from beta days have come out, please don't have a feeling to be against me. We are all jammers, and jammers should always stick together and stop scammers, bulliers, and hackers. We should not form groups against each other. This is the same on Animal Jam as real life. When I look at the poll about what you see most on AJ, (I should of added hackers) a lot of people voted scammers and bulliers and dating. Please please stop scamming, bullying, and dating! Dating is just something you do when you grow up and you should not do it on some website where you don't even know each other in real life. Also, if maybe your friend gets scammed, don't try scamming someone else to get their item back! As much as you are trying to help, and even if they feel better when you give them it, it is simply wrong! Two wrong never make a right. No hacking either. Even if you were scammed or your friend was scammed by someone, don't try hacking anyone's account to get it back! AJ is supposed to be fair! Animal Jam HQ has tried to help make Animal Jam a better place for us, but it will not work unless we try to make AJ better ourselves! 


  1. Wow... I wrote alot! Hehe, I like it. 0.0

    1. man I wish I was in the beta day man...........

    2. I wesh that I was in the beta days

    3. Oh you make me wanna make Animal Jam bring the beta days back.I wish someone brought the beta days back and it was no hack or scam.I really want a beta house,blue shaggy carpet,rare spikes,top hats,basket ball,and a Cami doll because I know what it represents in Animal Jam It represents a girls doll that she had in the hospital when she had lukima.Please bring the beta days back i'm begging you.

      -Thank you



      P.s. do you still have the beta house?

  2. Sweet blog! I agree ya wrote alot XDDDD. Anyways they did come out with a BUNNCCCHHH of beta items that are realllllyy valuable right now. Like the lime green items, such as a tiara and blanket. Also the spike was a "rare item Monday" item, and was one of the items you could change the colors of. (Most ya cant change colors >:U HOPE THIS CAME HELPFUL :D :D

    1. Lol. Anyways... the spike wasn't a "rare item monday". It was actually a monthly member gift. 0.0 And there were I think 16 colors of them. 0.- 8 were regular spikes, and 8 were rare spikes! Rare spikes have bigger spikes. :P No copying my ">:U"!! XD Lol, jk. I didn't even make it up.



  3. I agree i have to say i was not here when beta days where here but.. i kinda still like
    Animal jam today but really scamming i hate it i got scammed two times like
    For my lava archway and i almost got scammed for something but when this girl
    Said one two three and where suppost to send the itum to each other but i waited a little
    Because i no she was going to scam me and then she sent me an itum that i did not
    ask for, so i ended up reporting her and geting on with my life btw i like your blog!

    1. Lol. You ended up getting on with your life.. o.o Anyways, I would say not just waiting or that is kind of scamming even though she was trying to, since you didn't give her ANYTHING. You know? Just a heads up, and thanks! ^-^

  4. i traded a lot for one top hat if they come out I will die\



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