Thursday, June 21, 2012

Crystal Sands Hints!

Hey jammers! I finally got all the things in the Crystal Sands journey book! A lot of the time, people were all blocking the items or I couldn't take a picture for this! It took about 1 hour 30 minutes. Crazycomebacksoon and this girl helped me out with it! Extra thanks to them! :D

This is a tide pool.

This is a centipede. 

This is a basilisk lizard! It appears in two places. This is only one of the places. This place is much easier to catch it because it doesn't move much but at the other place it is super fast.

A crab that is very fast.

This is a macaw!!

This is a cacao tree! It produces cacao beans! Wow.. that really reminds me of when my class was doing this presentation with the 2nd graders in my school. The 2nd graders in my group got to say that and they didn't even have to memorize it! On the other hand, we got so many words and we had to memorize them. 

These are sugarcane plants!

This is a flamingo!

These are sand dollars!

This is a tapir!!

I hope this helped a bit!! 

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