Saturday, June 30, 2012

Difference Between Silver Glove and White Gloves!

Hey jammers! I took some pictures to show you the difference between a silver glove and white gloves!

This is what the white gloves look like on my wolf! If you see which one I'm wearing at the left you will see it says "Gloves".

This is what the silver gloves look like on the same wolf!! If you look to the left you will see "Silver Glove" which is what I am wearing!

This is not a glitch they are actually two different things! There is actually one difference between the gloves on the clothes lists and trade lists. Here are them close up:

These are the original gloves. The small dots before each finger place is dark grey. And the strip at the very left is light grey.

This is the new silver glove. The small dots before each finger are light grey and the strip at the very left is dark grey! I am the first person to figure this out I think so please give me credit if you want to post this! Picture credits were also by me. 

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  1. aww i thought i got a beta glove, but it was just a silver glove


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