Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Home Page

Hey jammers! If you go to Animal Jam's hiome page, it may look the same. But keep on loading again until you see this:

Now there are 2 giraffes, a lion, an elephant, and a rhino! They seem to be at Appondale. And what is in the background? Mountains? But it doesn't really look like Mt. Shiveer! It could be a new land!! :)


  1. hmm maybe its just the moutains in Mt. Shivver that strech out like a moutain range. Or the land there in itself is a new land... Nah. Appondale is like a savanna. Maybe they should extend Appondale's land a bit. Its too small to be a african savanna!! And they should make like a himalayin land! You can walk up the moutains in Mt. Shivver and call the moutain land Pawprint moutains. That would be cool :3

    ^-^ funplay1

    1. Yeah, that would be really cool!

      Great idea! :)



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