Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stop Blogging for a While

Hey jammers! I'm going to stop blogging of 5-6 days!! So the buddy of the week will be a bit late and I'll try to find out what the rare monday item will be later on. I will also try to trade for one and amazingly I have room!! I traded 4 items for a blue leaf!! Sorry that I didn't take pictures of my new looks yet for the side... 0.0 I will maybe do that once I come back!This is not my choice to stop blogging for a bit, I'm actually going somewhere, not just randomly deciding not to blog for a while. .-. Remember to enter polls, tell others about my blog, follow my blog, enter comments, and check out posts while I'm gone!! :) JAM ON JAMMERS!!


  1. You can stop commenting on my blog,
    and crazycomebacksoon, how was I supposed to know he was ya friend huh? And I wasnt accusing him,
    I was wondering if he was scammer or not

    1. Hey and sorry.... I was just a bit annoyed by something else at the time. Also, I actually told you he was at school but how should I supposed to think you would remember. And why would you randomly post that.... I mean do you randomly do that to everyone you see? Is it because he has lots of rares and just because people have brown tops, solid black tops, solid blue tops, 3-4 nm wings, doesn't you think they might scam more likely than someone who only has a freedom hat!! (I randomly thought of a freedom hat...)

    2. Well, someone else said he was a scammer not me

    3. Oh and I'm not trying say you're wrong or anything i don't even know and just like ppl accuse me of scamming sometimes, its a lot of times not true! Unless you have seen it yourself, don't think like that. :P


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