Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Monkey Glitch and Giraffe Glitch!

Hey pplz! Sorry about not posting this even though I knew about this a bit ago, but I kept on forgetting! There is a Monkey Glitch and a Giraffe Glitch!! 

What you need to have: Rare Purple Worn and Giraffe Animal

Woah! This person seems to have an ultra rare worn!! I'm just going to click to see their user...

Wait a second... they don't have an ultra rare worn!! It's just the one from the Leap Year Party! XP

What you have to have: Any Royal Blanket, Any Viking Hat, and Monkey Animal

So I'm wearing this royal on my monkey...

And this is what it shows!! XP If you exit out of the change colors place, it still looks like the colors have been flipped over! This is similar to the old Tiger Glitch with the Viking Hat, but that one has been corrected and that one, you only needed a Viking Hat and a Tiger not a royal too! 


  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. It is I, AreJay tha Kingly Beast and I'm saying hello casue you told me too. :p

    1. Lol hey is your name Randy Jordan and ya I did tell ya to XP

  2. Hey jammers!! Sad news, but AJ has corrected this glitch!! :( I doesn't work anymore!! Why does Animal Jam HQ keep on changing the glitches?!?! They are fun and awesome!! X( JAM ON AJ JAMMERS!!

  3. I don't know if Aj corrected the giraffe glitch... but they did for the monkey glitch


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