Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why so Serious?


Lately, I've not been playing AJ, and if you jammers have been playing a lot, you can see that I won't play.

A lot of jammers have been quitting AJ each day, either because of scammers, blackmailers, hackers, and many more.
The more quitters I learn about, the more I get sick of these bad people.

But soon, I had a friend who apparently ditched me and ignored me. I was really sad about this. I talked to my parents about it.  They simply said to not let them take advantage of me and to just go find other friends.
I have to agree, what I just said may seem off topic, but I said it for a reason.

These scammers, blackmailers, and other mean people are just people in real life who are jealous of others.
They think they are so special when they really aren't at all, they crave to make others unhappy, and want to make other people feel horrible about themselves. THis may be just a game, but it's not only a game to let you have fun. I don't care if this is true or not, but to me, another reason why Nat Geo Kids made this game was to let others escape their troubles from reality, and AJ sometimes isn't banning these mean people only to help you ignore them and help you in life.

The AJHQ always has a reason to not ban someone, but not to hurt you but to help you! The HQ did this to teach you that there are many people in REAL LIFE who are like this and you have to deal with. You can't just complain about them or else PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE will think YOU are being mean to them.

You might not understand what I mean here, and what I'm basically trying to say, it just be happy, it's the best way to have revenge on some one who hurt you online or even in real life! Even if your only friend or one of your friends betrays you, there are A MILLION other people in the world you can become friends with.

The more you do the more they will hurt you!!!

I'm not taking the bad side! In fact, I'm just trying to help you people. I've seen millions of bloggers quit, like gingerpawz or LoveLost or Omnipotence (I think).
Another note to you popular AJ bloggers: NO ONE wants to be your friend for fame, they want to be your friend because they know your kind and wouldn't treat anyone evily!

I hope this post has helped and inspired many of you!!!

Signing off!


  1. This type of truth makes me sad. Yes, AJ HQ is very smart. These people, set to rue others, is just themselves. They can have troubles. And if people try to buddy super popular people like Julain2, they're cheating themselves.

  2. I read this and I love it! It really reflects what I think! I also think that some jammers just quit to get attention, and then just come back (some, not talking about all). Also, I belive that some jammers DO become friends with popular jammers just to try and become popular themselves. Not trying to prove you wrong or hurt your feelings or anything. I hope this does not make anyone mad.

    Thanks, Wolfgirlgo

    1. Yeah! TricksterofTricks unbuddied me an now he acts like such a hotshot now he's BFF's with Julian =.=

  3. @AvvyG
    I agree people who try to be buddies with famous hammers just for fame, they're only hurting themselves.

    Nope, you didn't hurt my feelings, in fact, I agree with you as well. It gets me really annoyed how some bloggers are quitting, I half believe because they want attention, and half believe because of haters, if you read the post(which you both have) you will see that I have also written that some of these bloggers quitting, to me, aren't that strong and only let the haters take over, these bloggers have to stay on AJ in order to stop these haters, it won't only help the game itself but also for their future life. This is a reason why I posted this post, to inspire other bloggers, and jammers, to be strong and fight the bad jammers!


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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