Thursday, October 10, 2013

Officially Quitting

Hey everyone. This is Jammie263. ^^

I'm officially quitting Animal Jam. :c 

Even my sister admitted it's sad and she quit AJ a long time ago. DX

Anyways, I hope to see all of you awesome people again so if you play or are interested in starting to play Transformice then please tell me how you know me in a whisper or whatever. My user is Xxcheesejamx on Transformice, I hope to see you guys. <3 <3 <3

Here's the link to TFM (transformice) just in case you don't know:

I'd love to see some whispers from you guys and I will never forget you. EVER!!! ^^



  1. Will you have a giveaway of your items?

    1. Good question. Sorry but no, I'm not giving them away. I know it sounds stupid to say but a long time ago I had decided I would either give it to one of my closest friends or my sister. Most of my friends have already quit or I don't talk with them much, and my sister quit a long time ago.


  2. I will miss you ;.( I hope I can see you on transformice though.

  3. Awweee! I'll miss you Jammie, hope you come back one in a blue moon though. That'd be nice to see an old friend again. Sadly I don't play transformice I used too but then I stoped ;o. I hope to see you again sometime, it was great hanging out with you! = ^ .^=

    ~Pikachu333 (now know as Polander29 x3)

  4. SAD
    1. You quit.
    2. Your account officially deactivated. I have decided to keep you as a buddy in case you ever return, along with Kittens and Unstoppable.

    ~papad91278, the 4th news crew member, DONT BURN OUTTTTTT

  5. Jammie I was wondering, since this blog is no longer active if I could become a writer for it and keep it up and going (with Animal Jam stuff) to sort of keep the memory alive. I understand if you decline my offer, but it is just an idea. :)


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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